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Window Awning Design Ideas to Maximize the Style of Your Outdoor Space

One of the best and easiest ways to add curb appeal to your home and revitalize your outdoor space is with the addition of modern window awnings. That’s right, not only do window awnings add exceptional protection to your home and its interior, they’re a great way to enhance your home’s style. From the team at SummerSpace®, here are some of our favorite window awning design ideas to maximize the style of your outdoor space.

Use Color to Complement (or Create) Your Outdoor Style

A Bright Pop of Color

By simply adding a single pop of color to your home’s exterior, you can give your outdoor space an all-new and vogue look. SummerSpace Robusta Window Awnings use high-performance Tempotest® fabric, available in more than 100 color options including many fun solid colors. By choosing bright hues, you can enliven your outdoor space and create a vibrant ambiance. Some of our favorite solid color choices include the Sunflower, Shoreline, or Sapphire options. 

SummerSpace Aluminum Window Awnings are also available in a variety of solid-colored earth tones. These fixed awnings are made with two coats of beautiful baked enamel. A couple of our favorite color options include Evergreen and Brick Red.

Calm and Inspiring Neutrals 

Don’t forget, neutral is a design vibe and one we love! It can create a calm, relaxing, and clean feel to your outdoor space. Both the Robusta and Aluminum Window Awning options are available in creams, mochas, grays, and whites that will wow. 

Bold and Beautiful Stripes

Designing your outdoor space with stripes can add excitement, energy, and the perfect hint of drama. It can also create an optical illusion to elongate your home or outdoor space. The Robusta Window Awning is available in a variety of striped options, from subtle to bold and brightly colored to neutral.

Mix and Match Your Color Choices

With such excellent awning color options, choosing just one can be a challenge. This is why we love the design choice to mix and match your window awnings. You can color coordinate with your door canopy as well. Choose coordinating solid color options or combine a solid color choice with a striped fabric. Mixing and matching can be an excellent way to create a cohesive, well-designed outdoor space. 

Accessorize Your Window Awnings

In addition to the color of your window awning, you can add to the look of your outdoor space by adding the right accessories. The right in-ground shrubbery, flowers, or potted plants can be the perfect accent to complement your awnings. Consider adding outdoor furniture that enhances your awning’s color choice as well. You can also add string lights, as long as you hang them correctly to prevent harm to your awning. 

Choose SummerSpace Window Awnings

The best way to maximize your outdoor space is with SummerSpace — the premier shade solution manufacturer for your home. With a SummerSpace window awning, you will get a high-quality product with a high-quality look. To learn more about SummerSpace window awnings, connect with a dealer in your area. These trusted partners can answer your questions, show you fabric samples, and help you design the perfect look for your outdoor space. Contact your local SummerSpace dealer today

Window Awning Design Ideas to Maximize the Style of Your Outdoor Space

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