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Where Can I Get Solar Screens for Windows?

July 18, 2022

There comes a point when you’ve had enough. If you are asking, “Where can I get solar screens for windows?” we can help! You’re fed up with the sun’s bright glare into your home, the UV damage to your furnishings, and your HVAC struggling to keep your house or commercial space cool. And don’t even mention the astronomical energy bills. If you’re feeling this frustration, the best and most effective solution is solar screens.

SummerSpace® is the premier choice for solar screens for your home or business. Thanks to our superior quality, premium materials, and commitment to excellence, SummerSpace Solar Screens are unmatched by any other product in the industry. Keep reading to learn what makes our solar screens so special.

SummerSpace Screens are Quality

A one-of-a-kind company makes one-of-a-kind products. This is the case with SummerSpace. Our unique, high-caliber solar screens and other excellent shade solutions use the highest-quality materials sourced from the USA and select countries around the world. 

Only the Finest Materials with SummerSpace

You want a solar screen for your windows that lasts. This is why SummerSpace screens are made only with proven and durable components. We use SummerShieldTM, a low-gloss powder coating, on our solar screen frames. The SummerShield finish makes your solar screen extremely durable.

Additionally, both our FlexShade® Solar Screens and Vivista® Drop Shades are available with resilient Phifer® Sheerweave Mesh. The Vivista Shade is also available in Tempotest® acrylic awning fabric. Made with superior quality, you’ll get years of use and enjoyment with SummerSpace solar screens.

Solar Screens with Superior Performance 

Blocking UV rays, preventing indoor heat gain, and keeping harsh glares at bay is a tall order for a single product. However, SummerSpace solar screens are made for the task! By the numbers, our solar screens can block up to 90% of solar heat transmission and can lower air conditioning costs by up to 60%. 

Fully Retractable and Simple to Use 

While peak sun hours vary based on where you live, the most intense heat and UV radiation occurs between mid-morning through late afternoon. These hours are when solar screens are most beneficial. However, when it’s not peak sun hours or on a cloudy day, it is nice to enjoy the view out your window. With SummerSpace, you can get the best of both worlds. Our solar screens are fully retractable, allowing you to extend the screen to block the sun, then retract into a sleek headbox when not needed. Using your SummerSpace screen is also easy to use with a simple remote-control operation.

Where Can I Get Solar Screens for Windows? Find Unmatched Customer Relations with SummerSpace

“Where can I get solar screens for windows?” can be a question of the past. At SummerSpace, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We will do everything in our means to earn your trust, respect, and a lifelong relationship. We have a legendary customer service team who can help you with product questions and the ordering process, as well as questions or concerns long after your purchase. Get unmatched customer care with SummerSpace and unending protection for your windows with SummerSpace solar screens.

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Where can I get solar screens for windows?

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