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Where Can I Get Automatic Shade Screens For Windows?

June 29, 2022

What can you see from your windows? Perhaps your view includes fun being had in your backyard pool. Or the tide coming in at your beach house. Maybe even a gorgeous scenic overlook. No matter your view, it can be enjoyable and life-giving to take it in. So, don’t let your view get interrupted. Automatic shade screens allow you to enjoy the view when you want and close the shades when you need.

But where can I get automatic shade screens for windows? For premium automatic window shades to meet your needs, look no further than SummerSpace®! Our FlexShade screen systems will provide the retractable shade features you’re looking for. Here are some of the many reasons you will enjoy our FlexShade screen system.

Privacy with Automatic Shade Screens for Windows

Having privacy in your own home gives you a sense of security and comfort. Flexshade solar screens offer the privacy you want when you want it. With the push of a button, the screen will descend from the discreet 5 inch head box and fully cover your windows. Our unique mesh fabrics come in a variety of opacities and colors so you can create a screen that inhibits seeing the inside of your home. Additionally, our FlexShade screen systems are custom sized. This means you get the perfect fit for your windows for increased privacy.

Solar Glare with Automatic Shade Screens for Windows

Do you ever feel blinded by the late afternoon sun? Or maybe the sun creates a glare on your TV.  Eliminate the discomfort or inconvenience caused by solar glare. With an automatic shade screen, lower it to block the sun when you need it.

Keep Your View with Automatic Shade Screens for Windows

Some homeowners are hesitant to install window screens for fear of losing their outside view. With a FlexShade screen system, you don’t have to! With our fabric mesh selection, you can choose from colors and opacities that block the sun’s glare while still allowing you to see out. Get the best of both worlds with Flexshade!

Lower Energy Costs with Automatic Shade Screens for Windows

In addition to the luxury of shade and privacy, FlexShade screen systems can also help lower your summer energy expenses. Keep your house naturally cool by blocking intense UV sun rays from entering your home. Then, less energy is needed to keep your house cool and comfortable all summer. 

Protect Your Furniture with Automatic Shade Screens for Windows

Don’t let your beautiful furniture or other homegoods become damaged from the sun. In even a short amount of time, the sun’s rays can cause furniture to fade in color and other damage . With a window shade screen, you can lower the shades during times of direct sunlight to prevent this from happening and protect your home furnishings.

Why SummerShade for your Automatic Shade Screens for Windows

It is the mission of SummerShade to help our customers transform their space, so they enjoy it all the more. Enjoy the beauty of sunny days when you’d like and the comfort of shade and privacy when you need. Proudly manufactured in the USA, all of our products are crafted and shipped with the utmost of care. We guarantee unmatched quality and service as you join the SummerSpace family. Additionally, we offer the fastest shipping in the industry, as our products do not have to be shipped from overseas!

If you have any questions about FlexShade screens or would like to learn more about our other outdoor living products, contact us anytime. If you’re ready to order your FlexShade automatic shade screen, contact one of our trusted dealers near you today!

Where Can I Get Automatic Shade Screens For Windows?

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