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What’s Hot & What’s Not in Outdoor Living in 2022!

July 1, 2022

Whether hosting a grand party on your patio or lollygagging through a simple afternoon alone on your porch, having a backyard that is stylish and comfortable is key to enjoyment. With the right selections, your outdoor space can be comfortable without sacrificing style. As a leader in the outdoor living industry, SummerSpace can help you select the right pieces for a stunning, enjoyable backyard. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get a stylish backyard that’s actually comfortable for the 2022 outdoor season.

Comfortable but Stylish Outdoor Furniture for 2022

If your patio furniture is uncomfortable, you might be tempted to head back inside before too long. In 2022, trends favor sustainable outdoor furniture, such as recycled plastics, reclaimed wood, bamboo, and natural materials made with environmentally sound materials.

Calm, cool colors are really popular, with shades of blue, green, and gray topping the list. Look for pieces that are comfortable for the shortest and tallest members of the family, as well as pieces you can enjoy for a variety of activities, such as dining, sipping coffee or drinks, easy chats, reading, and birdwatching. 

Bohemian styles are gaining favor, with mix-and-match pieces that create a cozy, homey look. Mix colors, textures, and styles to create a wow-factor you’ll enjoy alone and be proud to show off when company comes a-knocking. 

Add a Stunning Design Feature for Some Pop in 2022

One trend that hasn’t changed in 2022 is the necessity for a focal point when designing an outdoor living area. Fire features are tremendously popular, with firepits and outdoor fireplaces topping sales in garden centers, home decor shops, and with outdoor design specialists. You have an endless variety to choose from, including brick, rock, and synthetic fireplace materials, and your choice of a sunken (inground) or above-ground firepit. Look for a sturdy one that will last, as some of the cheaper brands won’t last more than a season or two. You also have the option of adding a gas fire feature that doesn’t require stocking up on firewood and dealing with the mess of burning wood.

If fire isn’t your thing, consider adding a water element, such as a fountain for koi pond. While some of these are on the pricey side, there are options readily available for very reasonable prices. Check your local home improvement warehouse or garden center.

If simplicity is more your style, you can add an easy-maintenance focal point with a few potted plants and a bird bath. This delivers a punch of color while encouraging local wildlife to join the party. Look for plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, which is a boost to the environment, as well as a thrilling backyard show to enjoy. Borage, coneflower, dahlia, daisy, dandelion, and goldenrod all attract flying lovelies.

Sunburn & Glare Isn’t in for 2022

There’s nothing comfortable about the sun’s unrelenting heat when trying to enjoy your outside space. With a SummerSpace Retractable Awning, turn your backyard into a shaded oasis. SummerSpace Retractable Awnings not only create shaded comfort, they also enhance the style and design of your space. Made with high quality fabrics and durable components, our awnings look and work exquisitely. Choose from hundreds of stylish fabric options to match and enhance your backyard atmosphere.

Adding an awning extends the time you can comfortably spend outdoors, and helps protect against the damage of sun overexposure. If the outdoor space is near a window or sliding glass door on the sunny side of the home, you’ll also benefit from lower power bills!

If awnings aren’t your vibe, you can opt instead for a SummerSpace Shade Screen. Our retractable shade screens can be lowered at the push of a button to make your space more enjoyable. SummerSpace Shade Screens are sleek and stylish. Choose your preference of mesh screen color, mesh weave pattern, and frame color for additional style. Also, when not in use, SumerSpace Shade Screens retract into a discreet five inch headbox.

Pests & Insects are Also on the ‘Out’ List for 2022

You may or may not invite the neighbors for those BBQ cheeseburgers, but you sure don’t want to invite the local bug population! These small, unwelcome guests can certainly make your outdoor space more uncomfortable and make it more annoying than enjoyable to eat outdoors or sit out after sunset.. SummerSpace Shade Screens deliver insect control along with precious summer shade. Choose from the Zip Traditional of Zip XL Shade Screen that is custom fit to your outdoor space for a stylish, clean look.

Having an outdoor space that looks great is important. It’s also important for your outdoor space to be comfortable. Thankfully, these two elements can go hand in hand. Make your backyard stylish and comfortable in 2022 with SummerSpace. To order your Retractable Awning or Shade Screen solution, contact one of our trusted local dealers. With our industry leading turnaround time, transform your backyard space in just eight days. Get stylish comfort for your backyard space today!

What’s Hot & What’s Not in Outdoor Living in 2022

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