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What to Do if Your Awning Gets Dirty

January 23, 2023

Your SummerSpace® Retractable Awning is a thing of beauty. It adds charm and style to your home while protecting you from the sun’s harsh glare and UV rays. So, what do you do if your awning gets dirty? Don’t fret! Here are a few steps to take to keep your awning sparkling clean and well taken care of.

Good Habits to Help Keep Your Awning Clean

The first step to keeping your retractable awning clean is to form (and keep) good habits. SummerSpace awnings are known for their longevity and durability, but you must also properly care for it. First, be sure to close your awnings between uses. When the sun has set, dinner is finished, or you’re just ready to head inside, be sure to retract your awning. With a quiet motor and all-weather remote control, this is as simple as pushing a button. 

Next, you should also retract your awning if the weather turns south. SummerSpace awnings are intended for solar protection and should not be used in the rain or wind. If the weather changes while your awning is extended, quickly retract it to prevent damage to the frame or fabric. Additionally, the Wind Sensor, available on all Simple Shade, Pro, and Performance Series awnings, will detect unsafe wind speeds and automatically retract your awning. Doing so will help prevent dirty leaves, twigs, or other airborne debris from swirling onto your awning during a storm.

Finally, if you observe an incident or notice a dirty smudge, spot clean it right away. Birds leave droppings. Trees shed leaves and seeds. Bugs do buggy things. There’s no reason to wait for your next scheduled awning cleaning to remove it. 

How to Clean Your Awning When It’s Dirty

At SummerSpace, we recommend you clean your awning at least once a year. Schedule a time every year to inspect your awning for soundness and remove any grime. To clean your awning, we recommend using warm, soapy water and a soft bristled brush. Use approximately 2 oz. of mild soap for every gallon of warm water, no hotter than 100 degrees. You can carefully scrub your awning’s frame and fabric using small circular motions. Once you have finished cleaning, thoroughly hose down your awning to remove any soap and dislodged debris.

If you live along the coast, we recommend cleaning your awnings at the beginning and end of each season to remove any salty buildup.

SummerSpace’s Superior Design for Simple Maintenance

Maintenance for SummerSpace retractable awnings is so simple thanks to the exceptional quality and design. The beautiful marine-grade Tempotest® fabrics come with both a Hi-Clean® finish and Teflon® Extreme fabric coating. Additionally, each individual fabric strand is pretreated for mildew and mold before being woven. Altogether, this makes your awning maintenance even easier by repelling grease, oil, and water while resisting rot and fungus growth. In addition, the powder coated premium aluminum frames are antimicrobial and fade resistant.

If you have further questions about how to care for your retractable awning, contact our friendly and helpful customer service team or reach out to a dealer in your area. If you haven’t brought home the best in shade solutions, order your SummerSpace awning today!

What to Do if Your Awning Gets Dirty

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