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What Sizes Do Retractable Patio Awnings Come In?

July 5, 2022

Your outdoor space is unique. To shade your one-of-a-kind space, you need a shade solution that fits the area just right. So, what sizes do retractable patio awnings come in and will they fit my space? SummerSpace® Retractable Patio Awnings come in a wide variety of size options, including customized widths to ensure you get just what you need. Learn more about our three retractable awning series and the size options you can choose from here. 

The Simple Shade Series

For effective and reliable solar protection for your patio, look no further than the Simple Shade® Series. The Simple Shade Series includes three awning styles to choose from: the Traditional, Semi-Cassette and Full Cassette styles. 

In regards to size, the Simple Shade Series comes in standard widths ranging from 12 feet up to 20 feet, in 1 inch increments. Additionally, patio awnings are measured in size by their projection. Awning projection is how far the awning extends outward away from the wall. The Simple Shade Series is available in three projections: 10 feet 2 inches, 11 feet 8 inches and 13 feet 2 inches. 

The Pro Series

The Pro Series is timeless, beautiful, and sophisticated yet revolutionary, cutting edge and highly durable. Choose from four awnings styles: Traditional 77, Traditional with FlexPitch 87, Semi-Cassette 97, and Full Cassette 98.

Get exceptional shade protection with the Pro Series’ customizable widths. Choose from a width starting at 8 feet (Traditional 77 and Traditional with FlexPitch 87) or 9 feet (Semi Cassette 97 and Full Cassette 98) all the way up to 26 feet, customized to the inch to fit your patio perfectly. Additionally, this series of retractable patio awnings can have a projection of 5 feet 9 inches, 6 feet 11 inches, 8 feet 6 inches, 10 feet 2 inches, 11 feet 8 inches, and 13 feet 2 inches. 

The Performance Series

The Performance Series features premium components and intelligent design for exceptional solar protection and shaded comfort. This SummerSpace Series comes in three styles: Traditional 150, Semi Cassette 250, and Cassette 300. 

For width size, the Traditional and Semi Cassette Awnings can be customized to the inch from 11 feet to 26 feet, while the Cassette model is available up to 24 feet. For projection, the Performance Series is available in an impressive range of sizes. Choose from projections of 6 feet 11 inches, 8 feet 6 inches, 10 feet 2 inches, 11 feet 8 inches, 13 feet 2 inches, or 14 feet 6inches. (The 13 feet 2 inches and 14 feet 6inches projection are available in the Traditional and Semi Cassette models only)

Want even more shade? SummerSpace Retractable Patio Awnings have an optional drop screen feature that allows you to extend shade protection for up to an additional 4 feet of vertical coverage. Drop screens are made with Phifer® SheerWeave® solar mesh and are available on most SummerSpace Awning Styles.

With so many amazing and effective options, it can be a challenge to know which SummerSpace Retractable Patio Awning is the best choice for your outdoor space. Contact our knowledgeable customer service team to help you sort through the options. To order your SummerSpace Awning, contact our deal in your area today! 

What Sizes Do Retractable Patio Awnings Come In?

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