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What Shade Solutions Are Available For My Business?

July 1, 2022

Having an outdoor space or a great outward view is a huge draw for customers at your business. Dining next to a mountain view, gathering on a patio for a party, or shopping in the open air is a fun and unique experience. However, if the sun casts an intense glare or makes it uncomfortably warm, the magic of the moment is gone, along with your customers.

Adding one of SummerSpace® ‘s shade solutions to your commercial space can help keep customers happy and coming back for more. What shade solutions are available for my business? At SummerSpace, we create the industry’s finest commercial grade shade solutions. Here are some of your shade solution options and why they would benefit your company.

Retractable Awnings For Your Business

With a SummerSpace retractable awning, you can add shade to your outdoor area when it’s needed. Then, when shade or solar protection isn’t necessary, retract the awning in just a matter of seconds. Our retractable awnings are ideal for uncovered outdoor areas. In addition to the excellent solar protection, our retractable awnings also create a comfortable outdoor gathering place. By forming a faux roof over your customers, they are more likely to feel welcomed, secure, and even wanting to linger. 

The Performance Series awnings are known for outstanding strength and execution. They can be customized in width to the inch to fit your commercial space, and they project outwards from 6′-11″ to 14″-6″ to provide ample shade and comfort for your customers. Choose from hundreds of durable Tempotest® fabric colors and four powder coated frame colors to get a look that matches and enhances your current business design. 

FlexShade Solar Screens For Your Business

Another shade solution for your business is a solar screen. Our FlexShade solar screens are great for porches, decks, and outward facing windows. For outdoor spaces at your business, installing a shade screen can reduce the sun’s glare. It also creates a sense of privacy and separation from surrounding businesses, parking lots, walkways, etc. Additionally, our Zip Traditional and Zip XL solar screens seal to the side walls, creating insect protection for your customers as well. 

In addition to outdoor spaces, our FlexShade solar screens can be used on outward facing windows. If the setting sun comes through the window and interrupts customers as they eat, chat, or shop, a shade screen might be the perfect solution! Retract the screen to create shaded comfort for your customers with the push of a button. Our FlexShade screens can be customized in size up to 25 feet. When not in use, the solar screens retract into a discreet 5” headbox.

Are you ready to upgrade your business with a SummerSpace shade solution? Create shaded enjoyment so the shopping, dining, and gathering can continue! Contact our local dealer to order retractable awnings, FlexShade screens, or fixed awnings today. Your customers will be glad you did!

What Shade Solutions Are Available For My Business?

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