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What is an Open Air Cabana?

Do pictures of incredible destinations and dazzling resorts leave you longing for an escape? Fortunately, you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy the best in comfort and luxury. Introducing the Open Air Cabana from SummerSpace®, our Open Air Cabanas add style, luxury, and a place to belong to your outdoor space. So, exactly what is an Open Air Cabana?

The Ultimate Luxury Shade Structure

SummerSpace’s Open Air Cabana is a high-quality resort style structure that is the perfect way to enhance your pool, patio, or spa enjoyment. These stand-alone structures provide comfort and protection from the sun while adding ambiance to your space. Open Air Cabanas are ideal for resort and residential settings alike. They can be used for a variety of activities, from lounging to dining to hosting friends and more.

Benefits of an Open Air Cabana 

With a SummerSpace Open Air Cabana, enjoy being outside while in comfort. Made with UV blocking Tempotest® fabric, these shade structures keep you shaded and cool, even on the warmest of days. The anchored footing secures the cabana to a concrete surface or heavy wooden decking, providing exceptional structural stability that can withstand bad weather or strong winds.

Not only are these shade structures highly effective, they look great doing it! The Open Air Cabana is designed with beautiful, inverted buttress-style legs that provide excellent stability and strength. Choose from 24 color or pattern options for the Tempotest fabric top and nine powder coated aluminum frame color options. Your Open Air Cabana creates an outdoor living space with both style and function.

Features and Options with an Open Air Cabana

Customize your SummerSpace Open Air Cabana to meet your needs and preferences. Choose from three cabana styles, including the square shape with 12’ or 16’ options, the rectangular 12’ x 16’ cabana, or the octagonal cabana with 13’ or 15’ options. The Vector Vent Roof System with cupola design ensures adequate ventilation to prevent stuffiness and increase your comfort. The two-inch aluminum structure and three anchor screw support system provides unmatched quality and durability. Additionally, the Easy Roof Tensioning System makes adjusting and tightening the fabric top straightforward and user friendly. 

Upgrade your Open Air Cabana with these optional features. Get even greater comfort with a fan and light mounting kit. The stylish fan provides a breeze when needed and the light allows you to enjoy your cabana at any time of day. For additional shade, privacy, and solar protection, add the optional corner curtains and privacy panels. Made from the same beautiful Tempotest fabric as the cabana top, you can easily open or close these panels when needed. 

Get Your Open Air Cabana Today

SummerSpace is a leader in the outdoor living industry for a reason, with an exceptional reputation, high-quality products, and a one-of-a-kind customer service team. Order your SummerSpace Open Air Cabana today by contacting the trusted local dealer in your area. Get the comfort and luxury of a resort-style cabana today!

What is an Open Air Cabana?

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