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4 Ways to Create More Backyard Privacy

September 19, 2022

You are probably no stranger to that awkward moment when you realize your neighbor is on their patio at the same time as you. Should you make eye contact and acknowledge them? Is it necessary that you make small talk about the weather? Or should you act like you don’t see them? Avoid uncomfortable scenarios such as this with more backyard privacy. Adding additional privacy measures not only prevent unwanted interactions, it also makes you feel more comfortable, prevents nosy onlookers, and gives you a greater sense of security. Here are four ways you can create more backyard privacy for your family. 

1. Get Exceptional Privacy with a Shade Screen

SummerSpace® FlexShade® screens can give you the backyard privacy and protection you desire! FlexShade screens are ideal for your deck, patio, porch, or other covered outdoor structure. When lowered, the FlexShade Zip Screen seals to the side of your structure to transform your space into an outdoor room. This creates an immeasurable sense of security and seclusion. Similarly, the Non-Zip screens block the inward view and make you feel more comfortable in your own backyard. 

Both the Zip Traditional and Non-Zip screens are made with high-quality extruded aluminum frames and a variety of mesh options. Choose your preference from dozens of mesh colors, opacities, and weave designs to adjust the privacy and inward view. SummerSpace shade screens can fit spaces up to 25-feet wide. When not needed, the shade screen quickly and quietly retracts into a discreet 5-inch headbox.

2. Feel Safe and Secure with a SummerSpace Awning 

Sitting under a SummerSpace Retractable Awning is not only relaxing and enjoyable, having a faux roof-like covering can also give you a sense of security. In addition, lower the drop screen feature on your awning for added backyard privacy. A drop screen is an optional feature for your awning that is made of the same high-quality mesh as the FlexShade screens. Drops screens are available on the Simple Shade and Pro Awning Series.

3. Make Use of Strategic Landscaping for Natural Backyard Privacy

Landscaping for privacy involves both strategic placement and the right plant choices. Place privacy trees and shrubs along your property or fence line, in direct line of sight with neighbors or roads and near common areas. Double layer plants for additional coverage.

Here are a few tips for the best shrubs you can plant for backyard privacy. First, consider including evergreens such as Emerald Green arborvitae for year-round coverage. For a quick solution, choose fast growing plants such as bamboo or privet hedge. Also, boxwood shrubs and Leyland cypresses provide a traditional and classy look found in many gardens and backyards. Don’t forget vines! Well placed vines can create excellent privacy. Finally, flowering bushes such as forsythia and hydrangeas can add privacy and look beautiful in the process.

4. Install a Privacy Fence 

Adding a fence to your property is an effective and instant way to increase your backyard privacy. Choose a fence that blocks onward looks but is also durable for long-lasting effect. It will also prevent wandering pets or people from entering your backyard — giving you an additional sense of security. 

Make your home a safe haven for retreating and relaxing both with others and in solitude with these backyard privacy tips. To learn more about SummerSpace awnings and shade screens, contact your local dealer!

4 Ways to Create More Backyard Privacy

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