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5 Things to Know About a South-Facing Home

July 1, 2022

When searching for your dream home, you may not have paid attention to the direction your house is facing. Why would that matter, anyway? Well, the direction your house is facing can make a significant difference in the amount of sunlight your home receives throughout the day. For homes in the Northern Hemisphere, south-facing homes usually receive abundant sunlight throughout the day.

If you have a south-facing home and find that it gets just a little too much sun, there’s no need to list it for sale. At SummerSpace®, we have some proven and effective ways to keep your home cool and shaded even on those hottest of days. Here are five things to know about a south-facing home.

A South-Facing Home Gets More Natural Light

Natural light is associated with brightness and happiness. When soft natural light fills your room, it can create a warmth and calmness that is highly desirable. On the other hand, when gentle natural light turns into a harsh afternoon glare, it is no longer desirable. An intense glare entering your south-facing home can make it uncomfortable. Many people opt to install awnings or solar screen systems on the south-facing windows and doors to block some of that harsh late-afternoon sunlight.

Summer Energy Bills Are Higher in a South-Facing Home 

More sunlight in a south-facing home means higher energy costs. With lots of windows and doors on the southern side of a home, UV rays have additional opportunities to enter into your home. In doing so, the sun heats your house, making it more difficult and costly to keep cool. This is especially true in the afternoon hours. Experts estimate that homeowners can save hundreds of dollars per year by adding awnings to their southern- and western-facing windows.

South-Facing Rooms Can Experience Damage to Home Furnishings

In addition to heating your home, harsh UV rays can damage your home furnishing in south-facing rooms. High-quality furniture can crack, fabrics and fine artwork or other decor can fade, and even the flooring can be damaged by the consistent sun exposure throughout the day. This can be a problem for any room, especially those with large windows or sliding glass doors. FlexShade Solar Screen systems allow the light of the sun in, while blocking glare and harmful UV rays, saving your eyes, as well as your carpet and furnishings.

South-Facing Outdoor Spaces Have All Day Sun As Well

If your backyard is the south-facing part of your home, then it will most likely receive sunlight all day long, depending on the shade created by nearby trees and shrubs. In the hottest parts of the year, this can make enjoying our outdoor space a challenge with extreme heat and unrelenting UV rays. There are a number of products available to shade your deck, patio, and other outdoor living spaces, so that you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors, even when the sunshine isn’t playing nice.

Shade Solutions for Your South-Facing Home

If you have a south-facing home, the sun can be a challenge but not one without a solution. Add a SummerSpace Robusta Window Awning to your south-facing windows for effective and thorough solar protection. The Robusta Window Awnings fully cover your window when fully extended and can greatly reduce heat gain and cooling costs for your home. In the evening or on cloudy days, you can retract the Robusta Awnings and enjoy the outward view. 

For solar protection for our outdoor space, SummerSpace Retractable Patio Awnings are high quality, intelligently designed, and easy to use while casting a large projection for lots of shaded space. The SummerSpace Patio Awnings come in three different series (SimpleShade Series, Pro Series, and Performance Series), a large selection of fabric choices, and frame colors so you can have the patio awning that meets your desires and needs. 
SummerSpace provides simple, effective, and affordable shade solutions for your south-facing home. Order your retractable window awning or patio awning today and we will ship your shade solution in eight days or less! Enjoy your home and patio all year long with SummerSpace.

5 Things to Know About a South-Facing Home

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