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4 Things to Know Before Buying a Retractable Awning

Features, awning styles, and fabric colors, oh, my! When in the market for the perfect retractable awning for your outdoor space, the sheer number of options and decisions can leave you feeling overwhelmed. To help you decide, here are four things to know before buying a retractable awning. Happy shopping!

1. How Does an Awning Help Me?

One reason retractable awnings are such an excellent investment is because they have so many wonderful and useful benefits. For one, having an awning keeps your patio comfortable all year long. In fact, the temperature under your awning can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than other areas in your yard exposed to the sun! A retractable awning also provides you with ample shade to gather under, and it protects you from harmful UV rays. Additionally, a shade awning can aid in lowering your home energy use by blocking solar heat gain.  

2. Types of Awning Styles 

When buying an awning, there are many awning styles for you to choose from. Select from three awnings series, 10 different models, and various customizations. There is an awning for every budget, style, and need! 

Our entry level awnings, the Simple Shade Series, are effective and well designed! These retractable awnings are available in Traditional, Semi-Traditional, and Full Cassette styles. Customize your shade awning with 24 beautiful Tempotest® awning fabrics. The Simple Shade Series is available in widths up to 20 feet and outward projections from 10’ 2” up to 13’ 2”.

The Pro Series awnings are as equally stunning as they are stellar in performance. Enjoy shade and comfort under one of four models: Traditional 77, Traditional with Flex-Pitch 87, Semi-Cassette 97, and Full Cassette 98. Choose from over a hundred high-performance Tempotest fabric colors, patterns, stripes, and tweeds. These retractable awnings can be custom fit for your space up 26 feet wide with an outward projection of 5′ 9″ up to 13′ 2″.

Our most impressive awnings, the Performance Series is powerful, roomy, and provides maximum outdoor enjoyment. These retractable awnings are available in Traditional, Semi-Cassette ad Full Cassette style options. Customize your awning in width to the inch up to 24 to 26 feet along with a projection of 6′ 11″ up to 14″ 6″. 

3. Where to Install Your Awning

A SummerSpace® Retractable Awning is ideal for shading your patio, open deck, poolside lounge, and more! Wherever you prefer to enjoy it, keep in mind our awnings need a clearance between 7’ 6” to 10′, depending on the model. It can be installed to the roof, wall of your home, or the soffit (eaves or overhang).

If mounting space is limited or a concern, SummerSpace has retractable awning options that require only minimal space. For example, the Full Cassette 300 needs only six inches for the mounted headbox.

4. Where to Buy the Best Retractable Awning

When buying an awning, it’s important to know that all retractable awnings are not the same. SummerSpace has been a leader in the outdoor living industry for over 40 years because of our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and exceptional products. 

All SummerSpace awnings are made with premium quality fabric, frame, motor, and other materials. Every detail of our awnings — from design to construction — is carefully labored over to ensure the best retractable awnings available. 

Learn more about awnings on our FAQ page or contact our customer service team. When you’re ready to buy a retractable awning for your outdoor space, contact a local dealer and order today. SummerSpace retractable awnings are in stock and ready to ship as soon as your customizations are complete.

Things to know before you buy a retractable awning

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