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The Best Place to Buy Retractable Awnings

Bid farewell to uncomfortable sun rays and oppressive heat! A retractable awning will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space without these frustrating intrusions. If you’re ready for unlimited and effective shaded enjoyment, order from the industry’s leading company and the absolute best place to buy retractable awnings: SummerSpace®. Here are a few reasons why SummerSpace is the best retractable awning company year after year.

Family Owned and Operated

Over 40 years ago, SummerSpace was first formed with the hope of helping others have a superior outdoor experience. It was our family’s desire that your family would have comfortable and enjoyable outdoor spaces for shared time together. Now three generations are involved in helping make this dream come true for people all across America! 

For SummerSpace, being family owned and operated means a commitment to integrity, excellence in all things, and dedication to our customers. When you’re a customer, you become part of the SummerSpace family! Family owned and operated also means superior products and greater attention to detail. We have an amazing team of dedicated and highly skilled employees who labor over every aspect and detail to ensure the best possible retractable awnings on the market. 

Retractable Awnings IN-STOCK

Not only are our retractable awnings the best in the industry, but they are also in-stock and ready to ship to you within days of making your custom order! Are you tired of hearing about overseas shipping delays or out-of-stock products? Not with SummerSpace! Our awnings are constructed in-house at our amazing 400,000 sq. ft. warehouse in central Maine. Plus, we have the industry’s fastest turnaround time! Your retractable awnings will be shipping in eight days or less from when you order. 

Extraordinary Customer Service

Have questions about our retractable awnings? No problem! Not only can you check out our FAQ for quick answers, our AMAZING customer service team is eager to help you however they can. Give us a call no matter how simple or complex your needs and experience the SummerSpace difference! 

Simple and Low Maintenance Awnings

Ongoing care is a breeze with SummerSpace retractable awnings! All of our awning’s fabrics are treated with both Teflon® Extreme and HiClean® fabric finishes. These fabric coatings create a water- and oil-repellent barrier around every fiber. Not only does it prevent moisture from penetrating the fabric, it also makes maintenance a breeze. At the start of spring, clean your retractable awnings in just a matter of minutes using a hose, a soft bristled brush, and a little bit of mild soapy water. In addition, these fabric finishes inhibit the growth of mildew or other bacteria.

Additionally, our retractable awning frames are also built for simple maintenance. The SummerShield® powder coated finish protects the frames while also having durable, fade-resistant properties. With SummerSpace, exceptional features allow you to enjoy minimal ongoing maintenance needs. 

SummerSpace is outdoor living redefined. Order effective, stunning shade solutions from SummerSpace — the best place to buy retractable awnings. To place your order, contact the local SummerSpace dealer near you. Have questions about our products or how they will work for you? Give our legendary customer service team a call! Or contact your local dealer to order your retractable awnings today!

The Best Place to Buy Retractable Awnings

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