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Retractable vs Fixed Window Awning

August 22, 2022

The goal is clear: to shade your home’s window. But what is the best method for doing so? SummerSpace® window awnings, both fixed and retractable, create ample shade over your window while leading the industry with phenomenal quality, durability, and attention to detail. To help you decide which is best for your home, let us explain the difference in a retractable vs fixed window awning. 

Both Are a Beautiful Home Addition

Adding an awning to your home’s windows will give it a stunning, beautiful new look you will love. With SummerSpace, you can customize your awnings to meet your design preferences and match your home’s aesthetics (or give it a new one). With our Robusta® Window Awning, you can choose from over 100 marine-grade Tempotest® awning fabric color options. Pick from soft neutrals, bold solids, textures, patterns, and tweed designs. You can also choose your SummerShieldTM powder coated frame color from five fade-resistant hues. With a SummerSpace Aluminum Window Awning, you can choose from 13 excellent enamel coating color options. 

Both Options Protect Your Home from UV Damage

You will get unmatched window protection with SummerSpace window awnings! Both the fixed and retractable awnings do an exceptional job at blocking nearly all harmful UV rays from entering your home. In doing so, it prevents UV damage to your interior fabrics, floors, furniture, decor, and more.   

Both Block Solar Heat Gain

In addition to preventing UV damage from occurring, retractable and fixed window awnings help block solar heat gain in your home. Our premium quality awnings are capable of blocking solar heat gain by up to 65% on south-facing windows and up to 77% on west-facing windows. This results in increased comfort indoors and significant energy savings.

Varying Movement in Retractable vs Fixed Window Awnings

The greatest and most obvious difference between these two awnings is their capabilities for movement. As the name implies, fixed awnings are unmoving features to your home’s exterior. This makes them ideal for protecting your windows, doors, and home interior regardless of the weather. Also, maintenance and regular care is extremely minimal. After installing these window awnings, they will do their job without needing further assistance from you. 

Retractable window awnings give you more options and control. With the retractable feature, you can extend the awning for full shade and solar protection. But then at night, on cloudy days, or if you just want to enjoy a greater view out your windows, you can fully retract the awning. With remote control features, you can sync all your awnings together for simple operation. Multiple retractable awnings are also available with an optional manual gear hand crank if you prefer. 

Varying Weather Requirements

Since a fixed awning is a permanent feature on your home, it is capable of enduring all types of weather. SummerSpace fixed awnings are designed for whatever mother nature sends your way — from snow and rain to wind and sunshine. On the other hand, a retractable awning should only be used in sunny weather. In the event of rain, hail, snow, or wind, your retractable awnings should be closed to prevent damage. 

If you’d like to learn more about retractable awnings or fixed window awnings, contact your local SummerSpace dealer. They can help you decide which window awning is best for you and your home. Order your SummerSpace awnings today!

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