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How Much Do Retractable Awnings Cost in 2022?

Please note: Due to the current situation involving inflation, interest rates, and the cost of raw materials and commodities, the prices in almost every industry are constantly in flux. The prices listed in this article are subject to change at any time without notice. The best way to get a current, accurate price for a retractable awning is to contact your local SummerSpace dealer.

You’re tired of your unusable hot deck or patio on sunny days. You’ve decided a retractable awning is a great solution. But what do they cost in 2022? The cost of a retractable awning varies widely and is driven by several factors, including model, size, options, and accessories. In addition, the cost is influenced by the current shipping costs and installation requirements. As a general range, the majority of SummerSpace’s awnings cost between $4,000 and $16,000 installed. Let us explain the details of each of our series so you know which retractable awning is the best fit for you and your home.

SimpleShade Retractable Awnings Series $-$$

Our basic series comes in Traditional, Semi-Cassette, and Full Cassette styles to meet your budget and style preferences. The SimpleShade awnings come in standard widths up to 20 feet wide and project outward from 10’ 2” up to 13’ 2”. Choose from 24 beautiful Tempotest® fabric choices and five powder coated frame color options. Get excellent shade protection and outdoor enjoyment with our SimpleShade awnings.

Pro Retractable Awnings Series $$-$$$

Our next retractable awning option is the Pro Series. This mid-range level comes in four style options: Traditional, Traditional with Flex-Pitch, Semi-Cassetted, and Cassetted. You can customize the Pro Series awnings to fit your outdoor area to the inch up to 26 feet wide. Also, this series has a projection of 5′-9″ up to 13′-2″ These awnings are available in over a hundred color options from solids and stripes to tweeds and textures as well as five power coated frame colors. Make your outdoor time more enjoyable with the SummerSpace Pro Series.

Performance Retractable Awnings Series $$$-$$$$

The third and final option in SummerSpace retractable awnings is the Performance Series. As a premier-level, commercial-grade awning, the Performance Series provides luxurious comfort, and exceptional design features. Choose from the Traditional, Semi-Cassette and Full Cassette style options. The Performance Series can be customized to the inch up to 24 to 26 feet in width, depending on the style. This series also has a projection of 6′-11″ up to 14″-6″. Choose from over a hundred stunning fabrics choices and four powder coated frame color options. Get exceptional strength, solar protection, and comfort with the Performance Series.

Commercial Level Retractable Awnings $$$ -$$$$

Small business owners, restaurateurs, and hotel managers alike are looking for shade solutions to keep customers happily shaded and coming back again. By adding Performance Series retractable awnings to your outdoor dining or other gathering areas, your customers will enjoy the cool shade and appreciate their time at your business even more. We can customize the size and fabric design of our awnings to emphasize your business and make the most of your outdoor area.

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Retractable Awning in 2022

Why such a big difference in price? Here are the factors that determine pricing:

  • The primary factors affecting the cost of retractable awnings are the quality and construction of the component parts, motor and fabric. There is a broad range of aluminum extrusion alloys, thickness and powder coating that greatly affects the root cost of the frame system. These differences are often not obvious to the eye, but play heavily into the quality, usability, and longevity of the retractable awning and its parts. In addition, there are various castings and forgings that make up the operational parts of the arms and shoulder that again look similar but are vastly different in performance. The same differences apply to the motors and the fabrics amongst various brands. Please see our blog or speak with an authorized dealer to learn about the superior qualities of SummerSpace Tempotest fabrics and the component differences across all SummerSpace awnings.
  • The size of the awning. Smaller retractable awnings for a simple patio area vary considerably versus larger awnings that span the length of a building and offer ample seating for multiple tables or benches.
  • The shipping and business costs of each dealer related to labor, real estate. travel and general operational costs to assure you of great service before, during and after the sale of your retractable awning in 2022.

Ready to enjoy shaded bliss with your SummerSpace retractable awning? Our local dealers can help you pick the SummerSpace retractable awning that is right for you and your outdoor space. Contact our dealers today to order yours! With our incredibly fast turnaround time, get your retractable awnings in just a few weeks from placing your order.

How Much Do Retractable Awnings Cost in 2022?

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