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4 Reasons You Need an Open Air Cabana

An Open Air Cabana by SummerSpace® is not only an excellent home investment, it’s the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Made with a commercial grade aluminum frame and a beautiful Tempotest® fabric top, the only regret you’ll have is not getting one sooner. Here are four reasons you need an Open Air Cabana for your outdoor area.

Get Protection From the Sun

With an Open Air Cabana, you can enjoy your time outside without the risk of sunburn, prolonged UV exposure, or an uncomfortable glare from the sun.  Protect your skin, your hair, your clothing, and your furniture with the UV-resistant frame and fabric, all while still allowing you to maintain an unobstructed view of your surroundings. 

Relax in the Ultimate Outdoor Comfort 

Our Open Air Cabanas are designed with your comfort in mind. Spending time outside doesn’t have to mean sticky, sweaty, or uncomfortable heat. With an Open Air Cabana, you can enjoy time in your outdoor space in the comfort of shade. SummerSpace cabanas boast an ample covered area for maximum shaded enjoyment. With optional corner curtains and privacy panels, you can create even more shade when needed.

In addition to shade, the open-air design allows you to enjoy fresh air and gentle wind. Even more, our cabanas utilize a Vector Vent Roof System with a cupola that encourages air flow and a light breeze. These features can help keep you comfortable even the hottest of days.

Make Entertaining Guests a Breeze

When you find something this wonderful, it’s worth sharing with loved ones! An Open Air Cabana is the perfect spot for hosting guests for a pool day, outdoor dinner, food tasting, and more. Under your cabana you can place an outdoor dining set, outdoor sofa, serving area, or poolside lounge chairs. Hang lights, add music, and the day is made. The options are endless for how you can use your cabana to gather with friends and family for a great time.

Add a Beautiful Look to Your Outdoor Area

While SummerSpace’s Open Air Cabanas are impressively useful and effective, they are also stunning in every way. Give your outdoor area an upgraded look with a beautiful cabana. The inverted buttress design on each cabana leg, as well as the tiered roof system, give each cabana the look of luxury and beauty. The design adds to the stability and sturdiness needed to stand up to the harshest of elements. Choose from nine powder coated frame color options and 24 Tempotest fabric color selections, including solids, stripes, and tweeds. 

Enhance your outdoor space with an Open Air Cabana by SummerSpace! Choose from 13’ or 15’ octagonal, 12’ or 16’ square, or 12’ x 16’ rectangular cabanas in a variety of frame, fabric, and feature options. Order today from your local dealer, and we will have it shipped within eight days or less upon receipt of your order. You can also finance any SummerSpace products through our partners at Lendivious, so you can enjoy your luxurious SummerSpace products now and pay over time. Download our Open Air Cabana brochure to learn more.

4 Reasons You Need an Open Air Cabana

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