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5 Reasons You Need a Commercial Awning for Your Business in 2023

If a commercial awning isn’t on your business’s list of things to help your bottom line, it’s time to change that. It may seem like just a furnishing, at first. But, in fact, a high-quality awning, like the kind we create at SummerSpace, can enhance your profitability in a variety of ways. 

So decide how much more you want to make in the coming year. Then, look at the following ways a commercial awning can help you toward that goal. 

1. More Commercial Space

If you expand your business’ square footage sensibly, you stand to increase your profits. Why? When you create a space that is welcoming, easy to navigate, and displays your goods and/or services effectively, your customers will feel more comfortable giving you their business.

So, for all you restauranteurs out there, think about how many more people will roll in if they can see and smell the food you serve. Create an attractive al fresco environment for your current guests with the help of a retractable awning, and you’re likely to see more heads turn and mouths water. 

2. A Tidier Storefront

You want to make a good impression when people cross the threshold into your business. But how often do leaves, blossom petals, and a few “gifts” from feathered friends land at the door? If you don’t want your guests to have to step over (or in) debris from the natural highway above their heads, install an awning.

SummerSpace retractable awnings are custom made so they can extend the perfect distance away from a building facade. This will help protect your outdoor commercial space from light debris and keep the space around it looking neat and tidy.

3. Protection for Your Customers and Goods

No matter what business you run, the safety of your guests and staff is first priority. At SummerSpace we understand that. That’s why we engineer our retractable awnings to shield users from solar light and heat while blocking up to 99% of UV rays. So, when your guests stop into your establishment, they can rest assured that you’ve taken their health into account. 

4. Improved Visual Impact

Remember that your storefront is a branding mechanism and the way you decorate it makes a statement about your business. When you have a visually appealing awning extended from your building, you make a number of positive statements.

First, you signal that you’re open for business. People can tell that they’ll be welcomed by you because you’ve invested in this tool that enhances their comfort.

Furthermore, it suggests that business is actually going well for you. You typically wouldn’t associate something as good-looking and accommodating as a premium awning with a business that’s on choppy waters. Since you can reinvest in the appearance and functionality of your business, go for it! Your customers will appreciate it.

At SummerSpace, we make our retractable awnings with marine-grade Tempotest® fabric. Available in hundreds of different colors, patterns, and textures, this performance fabric lets you customize your awning to fit seamlessly with your business’s overall look.

5. Energy Savings

If the shade and visual appeal of a commercial awning aren’t impressive enough, consider that it can also lower your electrical bills.

An extended awning limits the amount of solar light and heat entering your business’ interior space through windows. This, in turn, lowers the indoor temperature and, thereby, takes some of the burden off your air conditioning in the warmer months.

Where to Buy Commercial Awnings

From boutiques to coffee shops to mom-and-pop stores, premium awnings help stimulate sales by providing a comfortable, protective space for people to interact with your goods and services. With all of these practical benefits, it’s easy to see why a commercial awning would make a great addition to your business in the new year. Get in touch with a SummerSpace dealer today to create a customized design that suits your business’s structure and brand perfectly. 

Exterior shot of an upscale store with a violet commercial awning extended from 5 windows on the facade.

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