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Is Aluminum a Good Material for Window Awnings?

According to the 19th century British artist John Ruskin, “quality is never an accident… [but] the result of intelligent effort”. At SummerSpace®, we quite agree and put much (intelligent) effort and focus on the quality of all our shade solutions. This is certainly the case when it comes to our Aluminum Window Awnings. Our window awnings are exceptionally strong, durable, and made with the perfect material. Let us explain what makes aluminum such a good material for window awnings.

The Weather-Resistant Quality

Being on the outside of your home, window awnings are exposed to whatever weather comes your way. As a result, they must be made out of a high-quality, weather-resistant material. Without a doubt, aluminum fits the bill. 

When poor weather is forecasted for your area, you can have peace of mind that your SummerSpace window awnings are built to endure the elements. The superb strength of aluminum allows our window awnings to withstand normal loads of rain, snow or wind. Additionally, the aluminum doesn’t rust, meaning even after years of weather exposure, it will still look as good as it did when it first arrived. 

Though it’s likely not your first thought when it comes to potential harmful weather, the sun can be extremely damaging to many materials. UV rays can not only cause fading, it can also cause weakening and ultimately shorten the lifespan of some materials. SummerSpace Aluminum Window Awnings, however, are UV resistant, protecting your window awnings from harm. Additionally, its UV-resistant quality prevents UV rays from entering your home and causing fading, deterioration, or unwanted heat transfer.

Wonderfully Low Maintenance 

With SummerSpace, you can scratch “window awning upkeep” off of your weekly to-do list! Aluminum is extremely low maintenance, making it a wonderful material for window awnings. In fact, the only maintenance necessary is to rinse with a hose and mild soapy water as needed to remove any debris. 

Additionally, SummerSpace window awnings are permanently installed. This means there is no need for seasonal put-up and take-down efforts or expenses.

Strength and Stability While Lightweight

Aluminum is one of the world’s lightest metals. Pretty cool, right? But even more impressive, it is also very strong. This makes it the perfect material for window awnings. The lightweight nature allows it to be easily installed, without special equipment or fear of the weight pulling on your home’s siding. The strength also allows it to be stable and secure no matter the outside conditions. 

Much research, testing, and ingenuity from a team of experts goes into our design process at SummerSpace. As a result, we carefully selected aluminum when crafting our much-loved window awnings. Aluminum is an excellent material for window awnings, and you will enjoy having them over your windows. Add stylish solar protection to your home with SummerSpace Aluminum Window Awnings. Choose between traditional or casement styles in 13 beautiful enamel coating colors to compliment your home’s look. Also, check out our Aluminum Door Canopies that can be made to coordinate your window awnings. Order today by contacting a SummerSpace dealer near you.

Is Aluminum a Good Material for Window Awnings?

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