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6 Ways to Improve the Comfort Level of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Spending time in your outdoor living space shouldn’t have to be like an episode of a survival show. You won’t win a million bucks for battling insects, harsh heat, and the glaring sun while onlookers gawk in shock. Time in your backyard should feel relaxed and peaceful with comfort at your fingertips. Adding a few outdoor living elements can take your backyard from an episode of Survivor to something more suitable for actual enjoyment. Consider adding a few of these 6 ways to improve the comfort levels of your outdoor living spaces.

Add a Fan to Increase Your Comfort Level on Your Deck or Patio

If you have a covered outdoor living space, install a high quality outdoor fan. Even on the hottest of days, an outdoor fan can create a pleasant breeze and make being outside more comfortable. Additionally, the moving air can help keep insects at bay. If your outdoor space is not covered, consider installing an outdoor tower fan which is equally as effective. 

Increase the Comfort Levels By Adding Shade to Your Deck or Patio

When the sun is intense and the temperatures are high, it can be very uncomfortable to be outside. However, with a SummerSpace Retractable Awning, you can experience as much as a 20 degrees difference in temperature in the shade. Install a SummerSpace Retractable Awning above your outdoor living area and get effective shade and comfort anytime you wish. Choose from three excellent awnings series to find just what fits your backyard space and personal needs.

Block the Sun’s Glare to Improve the Comfort of Your Outdoor Living Space

A bright, harsh glare in your eyes can quickly ruin a great time outside. Not only does it hurt your eyes, a direct glare can be uncomfortably warm and intense on your skin. Eliminate the glare with a SummerSpace Shade Screen.  At the push of a button, lower the shade screen for instant relief and solar protection. SummerSpace shade screens are high quality and manufactured in the USA, ensuring you can have shaded comfort in your outdoor space for years to come.

Rid Your Outdoor Living Space of Insects for Improved Comfort 

Biting and buzzing pests can quickly take your outdoor living space’s comfort level to a screeching halt, especially if you’re trying to eat. Keep bugs at bay with a SummerSpace Shade Screen. With the Zip Traditional and Zip XL Screens, the retractable mesh screen seals to the edges of your outdoor enclosure to create an impenetrable barrier. This keeps your outdoor space bug free and much more comfortable.

Fun Lighting Can Improve the Comfort Levels of Your Outdoor Living Space

Lighting in your backyard can be used for far more than just seeing in the dark. Create comfort and ambiance by adding string lights, lanterns, ground lights, or other stunning lighting effects. Solar powered lights deliver a beautiful, soft light that creates a dreamy look without giving your power bill a hit. Solar powered and electric tiki lights take the danger factor out of this classic exotic nighttime look. The next best energy-efficient lighting option is LED lighting, which is 75% more efficient than conventional light bulbs, and are available in a stunning variety of colors to create unique looks and the perfect mood for any backyard endeavor in the evenings.

Add an Outdoor Sound System to Set the Mood and Provide a Different Kind of Comfort in Your Backyard

Whether today’s best hits, classic favorites, or soothing instrumentals, music is comforting and can enhance your outdoor living space even further. Install an outdoor sound system to elevate the atmosphere and set the mood. Don’t think you’ll only enjoy this when you have parties. You’ll love being able to soothe yourself with your favorite tunes after a hard day and to be able to create just the right atmosphere for those date nights. You’ll use a sound system in the outdoor living area way more than you might think!

Turn your outdoor living space into a comfy backyard retreat with these ways to improve comfort levels. To learn more about SummerSpace shade solutions, contact our amazing customer service team. Order your SummerSpace retractable awnings and shade screen today from our local dealers. 

6 Ways to Improve the Comfort Levels of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

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