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How to Protect Your Open Air Cabana from Inclement Weather

April 10, 2023

Rain, rain go away, come again another day! Sadly, not every day can be sunny and 75°F. In addition to ruining outside plans, stormy weather may require you to make some preparations. For your Open Air Cabana, there are a few steps you can take if extreme weather is forecasted in your area. Here is how to protect your Open Air Cabana from inclement weather. 

Remove the Cover from Your Open Air Cabana

The cover on each SummerSpace® Open Air Cabana has the durability and quality for year-round use. However, when the threat of damaging storms such as hail or extreme wind is threatening your area, it’s best to remove the cover from your Open Air Cabana to prevent any harm. The good news is that removing the cover is simple and no special tools are needed, though we do recommend it is done with a partner because of its size.

There are four stages to removing your SummerSpace Cabana cover: release the fabric cover, remove the cupola, remove the main fabric cover, and fold the fabric. For more on removing the cover, follow our step-by-step instructions here.

Install the Anchored Footing System

This step in storm preparedness takes place long before any bad weather arrives. When your Open Air Cabana first arrives, the anchored foot system will be installed. The anchored footing gives your cabana the added stability and strength to endure strong wind or rain. It can be installed into your concrete, heavy wood, or composite decking, and is secured with three anchor screws at each leg. 

Secure Corner Curtains and Privacy Panels

An optional feature for Open Air Cabanas, the corner curtain and privacy panels add both additional sun protection and desired seclusion whenever needed. In the event of poor weather, we recommend you secure these fabric panels to prevent them from blowing uncontrollably in the wind or remove and store them until the storm has passed.

Get Peace of Mind with the All-Weather Quality of SummerSpace

Rest assured, SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas are strong, capable, and made to withstand poor weather. Indeed, the frame is made of SummerShield® powder coated aluminum that is exceptionally sturdy. It is also antimicrobial and will never fade, rust, or corrode from weather exposure. Additionally, the inverted buttress design of the legs not only looks stunning, it adds architectural strength and support to the frame. For added peace of mind, our Open Air Cabana comes complete with a ten-year limited warranty on the aluminum frame, powder coated finish, and Tempotest® fabric roof system. 

To learn more about our Open Air Cabanas, contact the SummerSpace dealer in your area. These luxurious shade structures are the perfect addition to your pool, deck, or backyard space. Choose from three cabana styles, including the square, rectangular, and octagon with sizes from 8′ x 8′ to 16′ x 16′. From all of us here at SummerSpace, we wish you an abundance of beautiful, sunny days for enjoying your Open Air Cabana. 

How to Protect Your Open Air Cabana from Inclement Weather

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