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How to Keep Your Pets Off Your Shade Screens

January 26, 2023

It can be frustrating when your pets charge or play with your shade screens. Not only can it be a pain to clean, but it can also damage the screens over time. So rather than let Fluffy or Fido make a target out of your shade screens, put a few preventive measures in place, and your screen system will repay you by providing shade and glare protection for years to come.

What Is It About Pets and Screens?

Pets and screens have a storied history. When all that separates them from an adventure (or misadventure) is a thin layer of mesh, they just can’t help themselves sometimes. They’ll charge, claw, and even barrel right through that screen to reach that bird, squirrel, or mail carrier on the other side.

So why is it that pets just don’t seem to pay heed to this semi-transparent barrier between them and the open air? One of the most common reasons pets, like cats and dogs, charge screens is because they are curious. They may have noticed something outside that captures their attention, or simply just want to explore and climb. If they can discern even a little bit of something interesting happening on the other side of that screen, they’ll be up and looking with intensity in a flash!

Therefore, when it comes to the screen solutions you install in and around your patio or porch, know that your furry friends may get some mischievous ideas on how to interact with it.

How Do I Keep My Pets from Damaging My Shade Screens?

There are a few tactics you can try to keep your pets off of your shade screens when the temptation strikes them. These are most applicable in the cases of zip screens or non-zip screens where pets have the most direct access to the mesh material. 

Toys and Treats

Toys and treats can be a great deterrent for pets who are prone to charging and playing with shade screens. Placing your pets’ favorite toys in the area where the shade screens are present can encourage them to play with these items instead of engaging with the screens (or what’s on the other side of them). 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have some treats nearby to help to distract pets and make them less likely to interact with the furnishings and decorations at all. This way, the shade screens are more likely to remain untouched and, therefore, undamaged. 

Sour Apple Spray

There is yet another option you can try to keep from charging your shade screens. You can try using a sour apple spray sold online or in pet stores. This type of spray has been proven effective in deterring pets from certain surfaces, as its taste is very unpleasant for animals yet neutral to humans.

Simply spray it on the shade screen where your pet tends to interfere with the material, and you may notice their enthusiasm dwindle as they approach the screen. This method won’t work for every animal, though. They’re most effective with dogs and cats, particularly ones that require anti-chewing training.

Where Can I Buy Shade Screens for My Home?

Yes, shade screens can help you experience even more comfort and enjoyment in your home. But at SummerSpace®, we know that your home is your pets’ home, too. So, keep a few of the items we mentioned above close at hand so your shade screens and your pets can peacefully coexist.

Ready to upgrade your home with a shade screen solution? Get in touch with a SummerSpace dealer today. They’ll help you determine the best product that will make your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces inviting to all — humans and pets alike.

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