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How to Customize Your Cabana

If you’re wondering how to customize your cabana, know that you have options beyond the fabric. Whether you’re looking for a poolside escape or a decked shelter among the greenery, a SummerSpace® cabana gives you the freedom to pick and choose a variety of elements — giving you the best product for your unique space.

Envisioning Your Dream Cabana

No two backyards are the same. That’s why personalization of your outdoor living features is so important. If you don’t yet have a picture in mind of your dream open air cabana, don’t worry. 

Start by listing the types of activities you would enjoy in an outdoor living area. For inspiration, visit our blog, 5 Activities to Do in a Cabana. Between game nights and family dinners, you should be able to find some pretty sensational uses for your new favorite outdoor space.

Once you’ve captured some snapshots of what you imagine doing in your cabana, take note of how you envision people and decor arranged. How much space would you need to achieve that image? In what shape would everything fit best? With these main questions addressed, you’re ready to weigh your design options.

How to Customize Your Cabana: Shape, Size, and Color

Whatever your circumstances, you can orchestrate the look of your SummerSpace cabana from top to bottom. Specifically, there are multiple options for shape, size, and color. You can also choose to add a deck perimeter kit to the design. 

Shape and Size

The first design questions you need to address for your cabana are where to put it and how it’s going to fit. In other words, how big is it and what is its shape? 

SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas come in three different shapes: square, rectangular, and octagonal. Listed below are the size options available in each shape category:

  • Octagonal: 13-foot footprint; 15-foot footprint
  • Square: 12 feet x 12 feet; 16 feet x 16 feet
  • Rectangular: 12 feet x 16 feet

Square and rectangular cabanas are often seen in poolside areas, while octagonal cabanas, with their gazebo-like profile, are a popular choice for green spaces. As long as the cabana allows for safe, easy access to the space, the choice is completely up to your personal preference.


Then comes the best part: choosing the colors. Multiple color options are available for both the fabric and the hardware elements.

The cabana is supported by a frame and aluminum legs with inverted buttresses for exceptional strength. These components are coated with our SummerShield™ 2604 aluminum powder coating finish which helps protect the structure from intense weather and UV rays. There are nine colors of SummerShield coating to choose from: white, almond, sand, espresso, mineral grey, silver metallic, burgundy, navy blue, and forest green.

The cabana’s fabric top is where the possibilities really take off. All tops are made from Tempotest® marine-grade fabric which comes in dozens of colors and patterns. Everything from vibrant yellow to earth-toned stripes is at your disposal.

And the fabric color choices don’t stop there. Choose between white, silver, and toffee for your cabana’s corner curtains and privacy panels. Ultimately, your cabana’s color pallet will be a stylish accent to your decor.

Deck Perimeter Kit

SummerSpace cabanas may be anchored to either concrete or heavy wooden decking. You can purchase a deck perimeter kit to act as the finishing touch around the edge of your cabana’s flooring. Each of these components are available in multiple colors.

The end result is a complete cabana concept that fits seamlessly with your home decorations and your outdoor environment.

Custom Cabanas for Your Backyard Lifestyle

What style of cabana do you imagine for your outdoor space? Get in touch with your local SummerSpace dealer today! They would be happy to brainstorm some ideas with you. In the meantime, check out our gallery for more inspiration on incredible shade solutions for your home or business.

An octagonal cabana with a green topsits in a backyard next to an inground pool in the daylight. Size, shape, and fabric color are just a few features to consider when deciding how to customize your cabana.

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