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How to Create More Privacy Around Your Hot Tub

Soaking in your hot tub should be relaxing, cozy, and the ultimate way to unwind! But no matter how delightful your hot tub experience is, you cannot truly feel relaxed if you feel exposed to onlookers and overly friendly neighbors. Hot tubbing is not a spectator sport, after all. At SummerSpace®, we offer the privacy solution options you’re looking for. Here are two ways to create more privacy around your hot tub.

Create Private Comfort with an Open Air Cabana

The SummerSpace Open Air Cabana is an excellent privacy solution for your hot tub. These resort-style cabanas are known for their strength, beauty, and impeccable design. Choose from the square, rectangular, or octagonal cabana shapes in a variety of sizes to meet your hot tub needs. 

The Vector Vent Roof System is made with industrial strength aluminum that will never rust or tarnish. It features a cupola-style vent system that is perfect for hot tub owners. Hot air and steam can rise and escape, keeping your hot tub area well vented. Additionally, each leg of the Open Air Cabana securely anchors to your composite deck, concrete pad, or heavy wooden surface to ensure longevity and fortitude regardless of the weather. 

Not only are these premium cabanas functional and concealing, they look great doing it. The Open Air Cabana includes sleek design features and a customizable Tempotest® fabric top, available in dozens of stunning color and pattern options.

For additional privacy, add the optional corner curtain and privacy panels to your SummerSpace cabana. When you’d like additional solitude around your hot tub, you have the ability to pull the curtains closed. The corner curtains and privacy panels are available in three beautiful neutral shades and also offer excellent protection from the sun.

An Open Air Cabana by SummerSpace will add comfort and beauty to your outdoor space. Learn more about customizing your cabana to fit your needs, space, and style preferences. 

Treat Yourself with a Secluded Screened Porch or Patio

If you prefer an enclosed space for privacy around your hot tub, then SummerSpace FlexShade® screens are ideal for you. With both Traditional Zip and Non-Zip options, you can transform your hot tub area into a private outdoor escape. 

Cozy and protective for security from peeping eyes and pesky insects, your concealed space allows you to open and close your porch or patio anytime to enjoy your spa. In addition to protecting you from onlookers, FlexShade screens are also able to shield you from the weather. Inside, you can enjoy your hot tub without gusts of cold air, falling snow or rain, or unpleasant temperatures. Wind tested for durability, you can use your FlexShade screens in any weather, rain or shine. Find reprieve from the elements to increase your relaxation.

Choose from a variety of mesh screen options that best suit your needs. With a sensational selection of colors and opacities, you’ll have the privacy you need without ruining your view of the great outdoors. 

SummerSpace has thought of everything. With SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas and FlexShade drop screens, it couldn’t be easier to get the privacy you desire to make your hot tub space quiet, comfortable, and oh, so relaxing. To learn more about these exceptional SummerSpace products for more privacy around your hot tub, contact a dealer near you!

Create More Privacy Around Your Hot Tub with SummerSpace.

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