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How Much Do Shade Screens Lower Electric Bills?

Have you even felt sticker shock after seeing your monthly electric bill? In the summer months especially, your home’s energy use can be sky high – causing gasp-worthy monthly expenses. To prevent the sun from heating your home and overworking your cooling system, consider utilizing shade screens. As one of the most effective ways to prevent solar heat gain in your home, how much do shade screens lower electric bills? Well, a lot! Keep money in your pocket while enjoying greater home comfort when you invest in SummerSpace® shade screens!

Energy Savings Thanks to Shade Screens

When the sun’s UV rays enter your home through exterior windows or doors, the interior temperature instantly begins to rise and your HVAC system has to work overtime to keep your home comfortable. SummerSpace shade screens are highly effective at stopping UV rays. In fact, they can block up to 99% of solar heat transmission and lower your monthly electric bill by up to 60%. 

You will also save money by not overworking your HVAC system. By lowering your interior temperature with solar screens, your cooling system can run more efficiently, increasing its longevity. Shade screens are an investment that will reap financial benefits every month. All that’s left is to decide what you’ll do with all that extra money!

Other Perks of Shade Screens

In addition to lowering your electric bills, shade screens have a long list of excellent benefits. SummerSpace solar screens can also block UV rays from damaging your home’s interior, create additional privacy when wanted, and select models can prevent insects from intruding in your outdoor space. With its retractable capabilities, you can get maximum solar protection during peak UV hours, then retract the shade screen away at night or on cloudy days. 

Where Can I Add a Shade Screen

Shade Screens for Your Deck

The SummerSpace FlexShade® screen systems provide exceptional solar protection for your covered porch or deck. Both the Zip Traditional and Non-Zip models can be lowered to prevent the sun from heating your outdoor space and from entering your home through windows or doors found in this space. FlexShade solar screens are sleek, quiet to operate, and make your outdoor space comfortable all year long.

Shade Screens Over Your Windows

Stop the sun at its entry points with our Vivista® Window Drop Shade. Vivista shade screens can be installed over any exterior windows or doors to prevent heat gain, block solar glare, and increase privacy. Vivista drop shades are fully retractable and available in both Phifer® mesh and Tempotest® acrylic awning fabric. 

Get Additional Shade with an Awning Drop Screen

SummerSpace retractable awnings are a beautiful, effective way to shade your patio space. They keep you cool outdoors while also preventing the sun from creating a bothersome glare. However, for additional solar protection, you can select the optional drop screen. This mesh drop screen serves like an awning shade screen to protect you under your SummerSpace awning. Adding this awning shade screen will help block the sun even when it is low on the horizon.

To start saving on your monthly electric bill, install SummerSpace shade screens. To learn more about our screens systems and their many amazing benefits, contact our wonderful customer service team. Your local SummerSpace dealer can help you order the shade screen solutions that are perfect for your home!

How Much Do Shade Screens Lower Electric Bills?

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