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How Do I Keep the Sun from Glaring in My Windows?

June 23, 2022

When in the car, you can sport sunglasses. On a hike, you can wear a brimmed hat. And when on the patio, you have a SummerSpace® Retractable Awning to keep the sun from glaring in my windows. Big or small, an effective shade solution is priceless and can turn discomfort into great enjoyment! But what about the interior of your home? How do I keep the sun from glaring in my windows? Consider these excellent sun-blocking shade solutions for your windows by SummerSpace!

Keep the Sun from Glaring in My Windows with Robusta Window Awnings

The SummerSpace Robusta® Window Awning is not your grandma’s window awning! Robusta window awnings are known for their effective shade protection, stunning looks, and simple operation. The unique arm-tensioned fabric system along with an impressive five-foot maximum projection allows our window awnings to create ample shade and solar protection over your window. Using a Robusta Window Awning has been shown to reduce heat gain in your home by up to 77%.

Additionally, you can choose from an array of beautiful fabric colors, pattern, and texture options that complement the exterior of your home — though our fabrics are not just stunning to look at. The Robusta acrylic fabrics have an average of 98% UV block, depending on the color. Benefit from reduced energy costs, reduced glare from the sun, and increased comfort in your home. 

The Robusta Window Awning is also fully retractable and easy to operate. This allows you to benefit from the shade when you need or enjoy the outward view when you’d like. Simply retract the awning in a matter of seconds using the remote control system.

Get Shaded Relief from the Sun with Vivista Retractable Window Drop Shades

Another effective way to keep the sun from blazing into your home is with the SummerSpace Vivista® Window Drop Shade. This retractable exterior shade screen gives you the shade you want without having to fuss with interior shades or curtains. 

At the push of a button, you can lower or raise the Vivista drop shade as needed. You can even partially open the shade screen for limited shade coverage. When not in use, these window shades are discreetly hidden from sight in an aluminum hood that is installed on the exterior wall or soffit of your home. Conveniently, multiple Vivista drop shades can be programmed to operate in sync if you prefer. 

The Vivista Window Drop Shade is available in hundreds of acrylic awning fabric options and six mesh Phifer 4500 fabrics. Additionally, select one of the five SummerShieldTM powder coated frame colors. For enhanced stability, utilize the optional side cable guides that mount to the floor or wall to prevent unwanted movement in the wind.

Contact SummerSpace for All Your Shade Solutions

Keep the sun from glaring in my windows with SummerSpace shade solutions. Doing so can significantly reduce energy consumption, protect your home’s interior, and prevent intense sun rays from interrupting your day. To learn more about SummerSpace and our window shade options, contact our stellar customer service team. To order Vivista window drop shades or Robusta window awnings, contact your local SummerSpace dealer.

Keep the Sun from Glaring in My Windows

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