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4 Health & Safety Tips for Your Backyard This Summer

Summer and fun go hand in hand. Amazing memories are made all summer long as kids play outside, adults grill out, and everyone spends quality time together. At SummerSpace®, we want your family to have a safe and fun summer together! Check out these four health and safety tips for your backyard this summer. 

Health & Safety Tip #1: Protect Yourself From the Sun 

You know the facts. Being overexposed to the sun can cause temporary and permanent damage to your eyes, skin, and hair. This is especially true in the summertime when we spend additional time outdoors and UV ray levels are extra strong. To keep you and your family safe this summer, take the necessary precautions from too much sun exposure. 

For one, use sunscreen. To ensure your sunscreen is effective, check the expiration date on any bottles remaining from last year and grab a new one if necessary. Additionally, make friends with the shade. Using a shade solution will not only make your summer more comfortable, it will also protect you from those damaging UV rays.

SummerSpace Retractable Awnings create a large shaded area where your family can gather all summer long. Add an outdoor dining set or lounge chair set under your awning for additional comfort in your shaded oasis. Additionally, the shade of your SummerSpace Awning provides a place to retreat between other fun summer activities. 

Health & Safety Tip #2: Protect Yourself From Summer Insects

Summer is the perfect time to invite friends and family to join you for a backyard party, dinner from the grill, or  a dip in the pool. But ward off those pesky uninvited guests. Summer insects are a nuisance and give many people an allergic reaction. One way to fight these summer pests is with citronella candles or torches. Or, if you have a green thumb, try an old farmers trick of planting certain greenery that are said to repel insects. These include marigolds, lavender, and basil. 

For guaranteed insect protection, SummerSpace Shade Screens are your answer. Our Zip Traditional and Zip XL Screens seal to the side of your house or deck to keep bugs out and comfort in. Then when not needed, SummerSpace Shade Screens will retract into a discreet headbox in just a matter of seconds. In addition to insect control, our shade screens also provide solar protection and privacy. 

Health & Safety Tip #3:Stay Hydrated

Summer heat means summer sweating! Whether you realize it or not, you are losing more fluids in the summer months especially when spending time outside. Keep in mind that children are more likely to become dehydrated. Keep water on hand so you and your family stay well hydrated this summer.

Health & Safety Tip #4: Follow Grill Safety 

Grilling out in your backyard is one of the best parts of summer. But when grill safety measures are not followed it can lead to house fires, personal injury, or worse. To keep everyone and everything safe this summer, follow a few grill safety tips. These include keeping pets and children at least three feet away from the grill at all times, stationing your grill on a level location away from your house, and regularly cleaning your grill. 

Sweet summer days are magical for children, relaxing for adults, and equally wonderful for the whole family. This summer, stay safe and be smart. If you’d like to learn more about SummerSpace Retractable Awnings and Shade Screens, contact our team. Keep your family protected from the sun with SummerSpace Shade Solutions. Order yours today!

4 Health & Safety Tips for Your Backyard This Summer

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