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Does the Sun Blare Through Your Pergola? Solutions for Improving Shade

The use of pergolas dates all the way back to the B.C. era, when it was used by Egyptian royalty for outdoor reclining and relaxing. This means even since ancient times pergola users have been bothered by the sun intruding in overhead with harsh glares and heat. But now, SummerSpace® has a solution for your pergola that would even make Pharaoh jealous — the Tension Zip Screen. Stop the sun from blaring through your pergola so that you can enjoy your outdoor space in comfort. Here are some of the many amazing features and benefits of using a Tension Zip Screen on your pergola.

Features of a SummerSpace Tension Zip Screen

SummerSpace’s Tension Zip Screens are unlike any other pergola screen in the industry. Our Zip Screens are made with exceptional quality and construction by our family-owned and operated business. Being fully retractable, you are not committed to always having your pergola covered. Enjoy the sun and the overhead view whenever you’d like, then easily extend the screens to make use of the shade when you need.

Not only are these shade screens fully retractable, they are easy to operate as well. At the push of a button, the screens will quietly extend or retract. Control your Zip Screens using the remote control, or, with the optional home integration automation, your screen controls can be managed using Wi-Fi connection on your smart phone app. 

No doubt, the Tension Zip Screens are weather ready. The sturdy side retention channels make the Tension Zip Screens wind durable, even through extreme winds. Additionally, the strong aluminum frame is protected with our SummerShieldTM powder coating, increasing the strength and longevity of the frame while also making it rust free. To prevent rain or storm damage to your screens, the optional automatic rain sensor will retract your screen in the event that it begins to rain while left extended.

Customize your screen for your space and style preferences. The Tension Zip Screens can be custom sized to fit your pergola up to 16’ wide and 20’ long. In addition, for larger structures, a multi-screen unit can be spaced for full coverage. Then, each screen can be programmed to be controlled individually or as a unit as you need. Choose from four screen opacities, 11 mesh colors, and six powder coated frame color options. 

Increase Your Outdoor Enjoyment with a Tension Zip Screen

Pergola use has withstood the test of time because of its versatility, beauty, and unique indoors-meets-outdoors comfort. However, the signature open roof design can make your time outside uncomfortable. Stop the sun from interrupting your pergola use with a Tension Zip Screen. In addition, you can add a FlexShade® Zip Screen or Non-Zip Screen to the sides of your pergola for additional solar protection. The Tension Zip Screens can also be used to cover skylights or other outdoor open structures.

Let SummerSpace make your time outside more comfortable. Order a Tension Zip Screen for your pergola today! Contact a dealer in your area to get started

Does the Sun Blare Through Your Pergola? Solutions for Improving Shade

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