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Do I Need a Shade Screen in Winter?

December 1, 2022

“Do I need a shade screen in winter?” This is a question that the SummerSpace® staff hear often about this time of year. The short answer is yes. You can use a shade screen in winter to help make your patio space more comfortable. Let’s take a closer look at why a shade screen can be useful in the wintertime.

Why Use a Shade Screen in Winter

With that beautiful patio attached to your home or business, it would be a shame to not get as much use out of it as possible. This is where we come in with great news. A FlexShade® Traditional Zip screen system can help you maximize the enjoyment you get from your favorite outdoor gathering place at any time of year.

So, before you decide to make the patio “hibernate” for the winter, give some thought to how you may use it if you had a screen system in place. You may find that the space is just as welcoming in the frost and flurries as in the sunny summers. Here’s how.

Protection from Sun Glare

The sun is at a different angle in the sky during winter, which can make the sun’s glare more intense. The dark mesh of a zip screen, however, diffuses the light concentration coming from the sun and, thus, protects you from the glare when you’re positioned behind it.

If you and your guests want to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while looking out onto a snow-covered landscape, install a screen system in that open-air space. You’ll all be able to take in the winter wonderland without being blinded by the sun.

Containing Warmth from a Space Heater

Have you ever thought about hosting a jingle-and-mingle event with the picturesque winter scape as the backdrop? Well, a zip screen makes it much more possible for people to gather next to a winter wonderland without being driven away by the harsh cold.

This is because zip screens are good at containing warmth from a space heater. While a space heater alone would only warm a fraction of the space, the screen creates a barrier that helps make the entire space feel cozy. Furthermore, the dark mesh of the screen is efficient at trapping any warmth the space gains from the sun.

Even as the chillier temperatures grip your location, know that with a space heater and the right shade screen, you can, indeed, mix and mingle comfortably with the winter in the background.

Keep Out Light Snowfall and Winds

Sure. Hosting a get-together with greeting-card-like views sounds wonderful. But let’s not forget what made that picture: the snow. If flurries fall, how much can you truly trust a shade screen to protect you and your guests? A lot, actually!

FlexShade Zip screens help block out light snowfall and winds, so you don’t have to worry about Jack Frost crashing your party. That being said, know that there is a limit to how much a shade screen can take. In our blog, Which Solar Screen is Best for Windy Conditions? we explained that while the screen has a high wind tolerance, the debris that comes with those high winds does pose a damage risk to it. Similarly, if a blizzard rolls through your town, the heavy snow coupled with the quick winds won’t play nicely with your screen. In those cases, it’s best to retract the screen and move the party indoors.

Where to Get a Shade Screen for Winter

If you want to get the most use out of your patio, even in the winter, get in touch with a SummerSpace dealer today. They can help you devise a customized shade screen solution that optimizes its functionality for every time of year.

Medium shot of a zip shade screen partially lowered on an open-air deck.

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