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Do I Need a Permit to Install a Commercial Awning on My Business?

Installing commercial awnings on your business has many great benefits. By shading your business’ outdoor area, you increase your usable space and invite outdoor dining even when the weather isn’t totally suitable for lounging outdoors. Commercial awnings are perfect for outdoor restaurant seating, sidewalk shopping spaces, creating gathering spots, and more! A commercial awning also adds a design feature and stunning look for your business. But first, you may want to know, do I need a permit to install a commercial awning on my business? The answer varies depending on where your business is located, keep reading to learn more. 

Do I Need a Permit When Installing a New Awning?

Most municipalities and counties do require permitting to add any structural improvements to an existing building. These codes are in place for a variety of reasons, but primarily to assure that building additions are safe for the public and do not impede on essential activities (such as blocking access to power lines or areas where delivery trucks and emergency vehicles might need to park). 

  • How Do I Know if I Need a Permit for a Commercial Awning?

Contact your local municipal or county agency to determine what permitting is necessary and where and how to obtain a permit for your project. These agencies operate under various names, usually related to inspection services, building permit services, or commercial development services.

  • How Do I Get a Permit for a Commercial Awning?

Typically, getting a permit for a commercial awning is as simple as filing the paperwork and possibly paying a processing fee. Some government agencies also require you to submit a spec sheet identifying where the awning will be installed, the size, and functionality of the awning. Check your local city website for more information on the process. You may even be able to file for the permit completely online.

  • Will I Be Approved for a Permit for a Commercial Awning?

SummerSpace® retractable awnings are high quality, installed safely, and stunning in appearance. With these qualifications, it’s likely you will be approved and can install your commercial awning. Factors that might prevent approval are very rare and include things such as historical building status or unique building codes.

Do I Need a Permit When Replacing an Existing Awning?

If your commercial space already has an awning, replacing it is typically a simple process since it’s already been approved. However, it’s wise to do your due diligence and check with local city officials first and find out what permit requirements are in place.

Does Your Area Require Flame-Resistant or Fire-Rated Awnings?

All of the fabric options by SummerSpace come with the option to add a flame-resistant coating to meet the standard NFPA701 certification level. Having this to begin with keeps you from having to replace the fabric if building codes call for it. Additionally, this adds a measure of safety and protection for your customers, employees, and your establishment.

I’m Approved to Install a Commercial Awning on My Business

Once you receive a permit (or didn’t need one), our team at SummerSpace is ready to help! We have three awning series you can choose from to get just what you need for your commercial space. Our retractable awnings are manufactured with commercial-grade materials by highly skilled craftsmen and women in our Maine, USA, factory to ensure the highest quality and long-lasting shade protection for your business. Choose from our ample catalog of fabric and frame color options to get a look to match your business and existing design. 

Are you ready to install a commercial awning on your business? Even if you have to file for a permit, you will still receive your commercial awnings in no time thanks to our industry leading turnaround of eight days or less. Our factory is fully stocked and ready to ship. If you have other questions about SummerSpace awnings or how they can help shade your business, give our team a call. To order retractable awnings for your commercial space, contact our dealers today!

Do I Need a Permit to Install a Commercial Awning on My Business?

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