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Different Types of Solar Shade Screens and Their Uses

May 4, 2023

Your outdoor space is meant to be a place of comfort, community, and retreat. From your back deck, pergola, or patio, you can enjoy a beautiful view, share quality time with a loved one, and meditate on the day over a cup of coffee. However, the bliss of these moments can be halted by three pressing concerns that will shoo you back inside in a hurry: extreme sun, bugs, and a lack of privacy. 

These three obstacles are part of why SummerSpace® is passionate about creating high-quality shade solutions. Our solar screens are able to address each of these problems so you can reclaim the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Here are our different types of solar shade screens and their uses. 

FlexShade Screen Systems

The FlexShade® Screen System options are perfect for adding shade protection and additional privacy to your existing outdoor structure. Best of all, they are fully retractable, allowing you to easily extend, partially extend, or retract the screens into a discreet headbox as you desire. SummerSpace FlexShade Screens are available in both Zip and Non-Zip options, depending on your needs and preferences.

The Zip Traditional Screen System uses built-in zip retention channels to seal the screen to the side of your outdoor structure, making it fully enclosed. This impressive feature prevents pesky insects from entering your outdoor area and bothering you. The Zip screens can be custom fit to your space with widths ranging from four feet up to 25 feet.

The Non-Zip Screen System does not seal to the side of your outdoor structure but uses side channels or cables to hang properly and retract easily. Our Non-Zip shade screens are a more economical option that is ideal for porches or decks where you would like to increase privacy and solar protection. Choose from sizes up to 16 feet in width.

FlexShade Tension Zip

What the Zip shade screen is for the side of your outdoor structure, our Tension Zip Screens are for the top of it. Tension Zip Screens create shade and solar protection over your pergola, open porch, or skylight. Block the sun’s intense glare and heat from entering through the top of your outdoor structure with this retractable shade screen. Unlike the Non-Zip shade screens, the Tension Zip shade solutions can be used even when the wind is fierce. Customize in size up to 16’ x 20’.

Vivista Window Drop Shade

Last but certainly not least, SummerSpace’s Vivista is a shade screen for your windows. Using your choice of Tempotest® fabric or high-quality mesh, block the sun from entering your home. Doing so can prevent damage to your home furnishings, prevent solar heat transfer, lower your energy costs, and block the sun’s glare. With quiet motorized operation, you can lower or raise your Vivista window screens on an as-needed basis. Vivista shade screens are ideal for any of your home’s exterior windows, especially eastward or westward facing windows. Each screen is available in custom sizes up to 10’ in width.

Each of our solar shade screens are available in a variety of screen colors, opacities, and mesh design options. To learn more about SummerSpace shade screen options and which might be best for you, contact a dealer near you. With our industry leading turnaround time of eight-day shipping, you can begin enjoying the many perks of a shade screen in no time! Get ready for a superior outdoor solar shade solutions with SummerSpace. 

Different Types of Solar Shade Screens & Their Uses

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