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3 Commercial Awning Ideas That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

February 6, 2023

As a business owner, we know that you’re constantly brainstorming and considering the best ways to promote your business and distinguish it from the competition. No matter how grand or small your business is, set it apart with a commercial awning from SummerSpace®. Our high-quality commercial awnings are the perfect way to make your business distinctive, prominent, and attractive. Here are three commercial awning ideas that will make your business stand out and look good in the process! 

Customize a Commercial Awning with Your Business Logo

Branding and recognition are critical for any business. Increase your brand impact and visibility with your business logo directly on a SummerSpace commercial awning. Doing so makes it clear who you are, provides effortless advertisement, and gives a well-branded look to your business. It also allows you to alter your building and business exterior without major renovations or changes. Work with our SummerSpace dealer in your area for help with design options and logo placement. 

Get Noticed with an Aesthetic Pop

Make your business stand out with the striking good looks of a commercial awning! A SummerSpace Retractable Awning can give your business an added level of professionalism while increasing customer interest. A commercial awning adds the aesthetic of comfort, coziness, and an invitation to enter.

You can also add a beautiful pop of color to your storefront with your choice of marine grade Tempotest® fabric. Choose from dozens of vibrant color, pattern, and texture options. Then, further enhance your store’s exterior look with chairs, tables, umbrellas, or planters to coordinate with your commercial awning.

Give Customers Fun New Spaces to Use

Give your customers more than just your end product; give them a customer experience. With a commercial awning, you can expand your usable space while creating a unique and much-loved area for customers to gather. This space can be used for outdoor dining, retail space, meeting space, or simply a shaded outdoor area for customers to spend time. Need more room for products? Set up shop under your outdoor awnings! Product displays under an awning not only protect your products, it gives customers a comfortable space to shop. 

And you know what they say: a crowd draws a crowd. When passersby see your outdoor awning area filled with customers enjoying themselves, they too will want to come check out your business. 

You can distinguish your business from those surrounding it with a SummerSpace commercial awning. Contact one of our trusted dealers in your area to learn more about our industry-leading retractable awnings and how it can enhance your business. Choose from our three retractable awnings series, the Simple Shade Series, Pro Series, or Performance Series. Our awnings have minimal maintenance needs, high-quality components, and impressive durability with fabric, frame, and motor warranties to back them up. Order your SummerSpace commercial awning from a dealer near you, and we will have it shipped in eight days or less.

Commercial Awning Ideas that Will Make Your Business Stand Out

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