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What Color Solar Screen Works Best?

July 1, 2022

When shopping for a solar screen, you’ll need to consider color, not just for how different colors look in your outdoor living space, but for how it affects the privacy it provides, your visibility, the shade it provides, and the cooling  factor of the solar screen. At SummerSpace®, our FlexShade solar screens are effective, simple to use, and made with impeccable quality. When installing a solar screen in your space, there are several factors to consider including the color of the mesh. Are you curious what color solar screen works best? Let us help! Here are a few considerations on screen colors and which might be best for you.

Darker Colored Solar Screens 

Slight edits: Screens that are darker in color have many great benefits. For one, with darker colors you have a greater view out of the screen. This is because the darker colors absorb light making it easier for our eyes to see through it as well as reducing glare. This is excellent if you have a scenic view to take in! It’s also great if you need to see through to watch little ones in the yard or keep an eye on nearby pool play. 

Lighter Colored Solar Screens

On the other end of the spectrum, lighter colored screens are also a fantastic choice with many benefits. For one, lighter colored screens can provide greater privacy and diffused light to keep a room or office bright but still blocking the direct sun, Just as darker colors absorb light, light colors reflect light. This means it creates a hazy effect, making it more difficult to see through and allowing for greater privacy. Additionally, since lighter colors reflect light, it can keep your enclosed area cooler. 

Other Factors to Consider for Your Solar Screen Color

The color of your screen can make a difference on the view-through, privacy levels, and temperature in your outdoor space. But, there are other factors at play as well. When picking out your solar screen, also consider the openness factor and the weave pattern of the mesh. The openness factor is the level of opacity in the mesh fabric. The higher the openness factor, the more easily you can see through the screen. Additionally, the complexity and design of the weave pattern can affect the view through and look of your screen as well.  

Which Color Solar Screen Do You Like Best?

One of the most important factors in choosing the best colored solar screen is your personal design preference. Which color do you like the best? What do you think looks best with your existing space? You want to pick the color and design that you will most enjoy and make your outdoor space all the more enjoyable.

To learn more about SummerSpace FlexShade screens, reach out to our team anytimeContact our local deals to order your FlexShade solar screen. They can help you decide on the best color solar screen to meet your needs and preferences. Get the shade and privacy you desire with FlexShade solar screens!

What Color Solar Screen Works Best?

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