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Can You See Through Solar Screens?

June 7, 2022

Consumers have numerous options for providing shade on patios, decks, gazebos, and other sun-facing areas you want to enjoy outdoors. When deciding on the ideal outdoor shade solution, you may wonder, “Can you see through solar screens? Well, the ability to see though your solar screen is determined by a few factors. Keep reading to learn more!

The Openness Factor in Solar Screens

The openness factor of a fabric tells us its opacity, or how well you’re able to see through it. The higher the openness factor, the more you can see through it. In addition to the outward view, the openness factor also determines the amount of light that can pass through the screen. Solar screens typically come with openness factors from 3% to 10%, with the most popular being 5% open. This midrange openness allows you to see through enough to enjoy the view (or keep an eye on the kiddos), while still being protected from the glare of the sun.

The Weave Pattern in Solar Screens

Another factor in your ability to see through solar screens is the weave pattern. Solar screens are made from a mesh fabric that is intricately woven together. When picking out your solar screens, you can choose from a variety of weave patterns. Simple weave patterns allow for greater view-through. Just the same, the more intricate the weave pattern, the less you’ll be able to see through. Additionally, the weave pattern can add a stunning design detail to your solar screen and backyard space. Choose your weave pattern for the amount of privacy or viewability you desire.

The Fabric Color in Solar Screens

The color of fabric can also determine how well you can see through your solar screen. Darker colored solar screens have a greater view-through, while lighter colors can be more difficult to see through. This is because the lightwaves reflect differently off of different colors. The darker color absorbs lightwaves, making it easier to see through. Lighter colors reflect the wavelength of light so our eyes are not able to see through it as well. 

Which Solar Screen is Right for Me?

With so many options, it can be hard to decide on which solar screen is right for you and your backyard needs. There are a few considerations to help you decide. First, how much heat and sun control do you need? Next, how much privacy do you want your screen to provide? Also, how much of an outward view do you want to have through your screen? And finally, how will the design of the screen and the aesthetics fit with your existing backyard space?  

SummerSpace Solar Screens

At SummerSpace, we are redefining outdoor living. Our FlexShade solar screens offer the superior comfort and protection you’re looking for. Additionally, our FlexShade solar screens are fully retractable. At the push of a button, your solar screen will retract in a matter of seconds. Choose from our Zip Traditional, Zip XL, and Non-Zip options to find the perfect solar screen to meet your needs and desires. Our FlexShade solar screens are made with the highest quality mesh fabrics and powder coated frames to ensure you have solar protection, privacy, and insect protection for years to come. 

Enjoy your backyard space how you like with the ability to see through the screen almost uninhibited or provide the maximum shade or privacy you wish! To learn more about the luxurious comfort and superior design of our FlexShade solar screens, connect with our team today. Contact our trusted local deals to order your FlexShade screens and have shaded comfort in no time!

Can You See Through Solar Screens?

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