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Can My Retractable Awnings Come in a Custom Size?

May 8, 2023

Does size matter? It certainly does when it comes to your home. Creating an outdoor space that is not only useful and comfortable but also stunning to look at doesn’t happen by accident. This is exactly why at SummerSpace® our retractable awnings are available in custom sizes so you can enjoy the perfect fit. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all retractable awning for our customers. Let us explain the three types of awnings and their custom-size options so you can decide which might be best for you and your outdoor space.

The Simple Shade Series

The Simple Shade Series is excellent at what it does: provide refreshing shade protection over your outdoor area while leaving the view unobstructed. It is effective, high quality, and affordable. Best of all, at the push of a button you can retract or extend your awning so you can enjoy the sun when you like or the shade when you prefer. When not in use, the awning is stored in a subtle headbox that is designed to fit seamlessly in with your home’s exterior. 

Simple Shade Retractable Awnings are available in widths ranging from 12 feet up to 20 feet that can be customized in one-foot increments. Additionally, there is your choice of three projection lengths, including 10′ 2″, 11′ 8″, and 13′ 2″.

And the customizations don’t end with the awning size. The Simple Shade Series is available in three awnings styles: traditional, semi-cassette, and full cassette. Choose from 24 beautiful Tempotest® fabric selections and five powder-coated frame colors.

The Pro Series

The Pro Series provides powerful shade protection and is perfect for those wanting to expand their outdoor space with comfort and style. Pro Series awnings can be customized in size by the inch between 8 feet and 26 feet. You can also choose projection lengths of 5′ 9″, 6′ 11″, 8′ 6″, 10′ 2″, 11′ 8″, and 13′ 2″. Select from four awnings styles: traditional, traditional with FlexPitch, semi-cassette, and full cassette. 

Further customize your Pro Series Retractable Awning with over 100 stunning Tempotest fabric options including solids, stripes, textures, and tweeds, and five powder-coated frame color options. Optional features include a front bar solar drop screen made from high-quality solar mesh, a Weatherguard hood, and a wind sensor

The Performance Series

Get luxury, beauty, strength, and a wealth of shade coverage with the Performance Series. Choose from widths between 11 feet and 26 feet customized to the inch, and projection lengths of 6′ 11″, 8′ 6″, 10′ 2″, 11′ 8″, 13′ 2″, and 14′ 6″. Select from one of three awning styles: the traditional, semi-cassette, or full cassette.

Choose from more than 100 beautiful Tempotest fabric choices and four powder-coated frame color options. Optional features include a solar drop screen and wind sensor.

Order Your Retractable Awning Today

To learn more about each awning style and its customizations, contact our trusted independent dealer in your area. They can answer your questions, show you fabric samples, explain our awnings features, and help you choose the best customizations for your outdoor space. 

Protect your family from harmful UV rays, make time outside more enjoyable, and provide relaxing shade with a retractable awning. Order your SummerSpace awning today!

Can My Retractable Awnings Come in a Custom Size?

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