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Can I Hang Lights from My Retractable Awning?

Twinkle, twinkle little backyard light! Adding fun lights to your backyard is so much more than a better way to see in the dark. Backyard lights add charm, character, and ambiance. With a retractable awning in your outdoor space, you may be wondering, “Can I hang lights from my retractable awning?” The answer is yes, but only if you hang them the correct way. Follow these steps to properly hang lights on your retractable awning and other great lighting options for your backyard!

How to Safely Hang Lights from My Retractable Awning

We agree, hanging string lights from a retractable awning is stunning! But it is absolutely essential to hang lights correctly to prevent damage to your awning, your lights, and even yourself. Awning lights can be hung only from and around the back bar. This is because the back bar is stationary, preventing any damage when the awning extends or retracts. Be certain no lights obstruct the path of the awning’s arm. 

Hanging lights from any other part of your awnings is not advised and strongly discouraged. While you may be tempted to hang lights from the front bar or arms, doing so is unsafe and can harm your retractable awning. If you have further questions about what is and is not safe when it comes to hanging lights on your SummerSpace® Awning, please give our customer service a call and they would be happy to assist. 

Other Ways to Add Lights to Your Outdoor Space

Imagine you hang lights along the back bar of your awnings but you’re still wanting more. What do you do? No problem! There are many fun and charming ways to add more backyard lights. Check out these ideas to achieve the look you desire.

Decorative Lanterns

Decorative lanterns that sit along the ground come in a large variety of sizes and styles. This means you can find just the look you want. You can even choose between electric, solar, or flame burning lantern options. Position ground lanterns along the edges of your usable space or near columns or posts to prevent anyone accidentally bumping into them. 

Table Lights

If you have an outdoor table, a lighted centerpiece is a beautiful and functional feature. This could be candles, table lanterns, lighted branches, LED decorative balls, and so many other options! Guests will certainly be impressed by your table lights. 

Hanging Lights in Trees

If you’re set on hanging string lights, there are other great spots to do so in your backyard that give you the same charm and show-stopping look. Try hanging lights from trees in your backyard, along your home, to a post, or any combination of these options. While white lights are the most classic, you can also add colored lights with the seasons, to match your favorite sports team, or just for fun. SummerSpace retractable awnings bring style and stunning design to your backyard. With the addition of lights, your backyard will be fully transformed into an inviting, delightful oasis. Contact our team to learn more about retractable awning safety and care. 

Can I Hang Lights from My Retractable Awning?

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