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Close up on a pair of hands loosening the tension straps on an open air cabana cover.

How to Remove Your Open Air Cabana Cover

There’s no denying that your SummerSpace® Open Air Cabana is one of the best parts of your pool, patio,...
Exterior shot of a sun room lined with fabric awnings in their retracted position. Knowing when your retractable awnings should be in their closed position is crucical to maintaining their longevity.

When Should I Keep My Retractable Awnings Closed?

Retractable awnings are so useful when the sun is shining. They protect you from sun glare, solar heat,...
An octagonal open air cabana sits on a pool deck in the sunlight.

Which Open Air Cabana Shape Suits My Pool, Patio, and Spa Best?

Whether in a residential or commercial setting, pool, patio, and spa environments are among the biggest...
When is the Best Time to Invest in Window Awnings?

When is the Best Time to Invest in Window Awnings?

At SummerSpace®, we know this to be true beyond measure: Window awnings are a worthwhile and highly beneficial...
Exterior shot of an upscale store with a violet commercial awning extended from 5 windows on the facade.

5 Reasons You Need a Commercial Awning for Your Business in 2023

If a commercial awning isn’t on your business’s list of things to help your bottom line, it’s time to...
Medium shot of a window shielded by a brown retractable window awning. Solid colors are one of the popular window awning ideas for 2023.

5 Window Awning Ideas for Your Home in 2023

As the new year draws closer, it may seem that your home is calling for a few upgrades. But before you...
Medium shot of four guests enjoying a drink on a patio covered by a striped retractable awning.

5 Reasons a Retractable Awning Makes a Great Gift

The holiday season is in full swing. But this year is different and calls for a different kind of gift...
Exterior shot of a ranch home with a striped retractable awning extended over the patio. Striped patterns like these are a popular look for a quality awning.

5 Ways to Tell You Have a Quality Awning

It’s easier to spot a sketchy awning than a quality awning from afar. Sketchy awnings are discolored,...
Medium shot of a ranch home with blue metal window awnings. The size and style of the awnings impacts how much a metal window awning costs.

Is a Metal Window Awning Worth It?

Metal window awnings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike....
Medium shot of a dark green fixed door awning situated above a dark wooden door.

3 Benefits of a Fixed Door Awning or Canopy

Winter is here, and the same thing happens every winter when you stand at your front door rummaging for...


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