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How Do I Block the Sun from My Porch?

What does a perfect day on your porch look like for you? Is the time spent in quiet solitude, maybe reading a book or soaking in the view? Or do you prefer a crowd gathered on your porch, laughing and chatting together? However you most enjoy using your porch, the good times can be interrupted by high heat and glare from the sun. You may have wondered, how do I block the sun from my porch? With a FlexShade screen system by SummerSpace®, you can prevent the sun’s harsh rays from disrupting your porch enjoyment! Here are some of the reasons that the FlexShade screen system is just what you’re looking for.

FlexShade Retractable Porch Shades

When on your porch, it’s nice to have options. There are times of the day when you want shade and times when you don’t. This is part of what makes Flexshade’s retractable function so amazing! With just the push of a button, the retractable screen can provide the shaded relief you want. Then when you’re finished, it retracts into the headbox in just a few seconds. Get sun when you want and shade when you don’t. 

FlexShade Zip, XL, or Non-Zip Options

With FlexShade screen systems, choose from the Zip Traditional, Zip XL, or Non-Zip styles to meet your porch shade needs.

The Zip Traditional screen system not only looks great, it gets the job done! As it retracts down, the screen fabric creates a sealed seam where it connects to your porch. This creates not only excellent sun and wind protection but also insect protection. The zip traditional screens are ideal for sections of your porch with smaller openings. 

For larger openings, the Zip XL is just what you need. It’s function is just like the zip traditional, only the Zip XL can fit openings up to 25 feet wide. It can be customized in size for a perfect fit to your porch.

The Non-Zip option has a fresh, clean look. It does not seal to the sides of the structure, giving you a more open air feel and look. It’s perfect for areas where insects are less of a concern.

FlexShade Screen System Color Options

FlexShade screen systems come in a variety of color options to match your preferences, style, and backyard atmosphere. First, the frame comes with a textured finish. This unique powder coating looks great and protects the frame with UV inhibitors. Choose from 6 stunning neutral tones.

Additionally, our Flexshade mesh fabrics come in dozens of color options and levels of opacities. Your selection for the mesh screen may depend on the amount of sun your outdoor space gets, your personal preferences, and the amount of privacy you desire. If you’d like to see the colors for yourself or discuss style options, contact our dealers for help.

To learn more about SummerSpace and our shade systems, reach out to our exceptional customer service team. If you’re ready to transform your porch and order your Flexshade screen, contact our local deal today. With our industry leading turnaround time, you can be enjoying your shaded porch in just 8 days or less. SummerSpace is outdoor living, redefined. 

How Do I Block the Sun from My Porch?

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