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Are Retractable Awnings Waterproof?

Ahhh, spring is almost here! It brings a welcome change from the cold and harsh winter weather. While the warmth is wonderful, spring weather can also be a bit unpredictable. Unexpected spring showers are to be expected! However, this can make using your patio and preparing outdoor events a little challenging. As those showers and rains move in, you’re wondering … are retractable awnings waterproof? Though SummerSpace® retractable awnings are intended for sun protection and creating shaded retreats, you may be wondering about the rain. Are retractable awnings waterproof? SummerSpace awnings are not meant to be used as rain coverings or protection. Keep reading to learn more.

Can My Retractable Awning Withstand Rain?

SummerSpace retractable awnings are not intended to be used when it is raining. In fact, strong rain and blowing winds can cause damage to your retractable awnings. Additionally, water is very heavy. In fact, one gallon of water weighs over 8 pounds. As a result, even small amounts of rainwater can cause trouble. During a rainstorm, the sheer heaviness of the rain can cause damage to your awning.

What To Do When it Rains on Your Retractable Awning

Unlike the Wicked Witch of the West, our retractable awnings will not melt at first sight of rain. Though SummerSpace awnings are intended for sunshade use only, your retractable awning has waterproof features to protect it in the event of unexpected rain. These features include our Tempotest® fabrics and powder coated frames. Additionally, the pitch of your awning will help keep rain from forming heavy puddles. Even with these useful safeguards, you want to retract your awning before strong winds or rain can harm it. 

SummerSpace Tempotest Fabric

Not only is our Tempotest fabric beautiful and fashionable, it’s high tech. Tempotest fabric has a special finish that protects it from the rain. This Hi-Clean finish forms a barrier that repels water, grease, and oil while still maintaining high breathability. It also helps prevent unwanted mold or other growths from occurring. 

Get ready for protection down to the individual fibers! The Tempotest fabrics with Teflon® Extreme by Para have a double-action water and oil repellent barrier around each fiber. This prevents rain from soaking into the fabric but instead it quickly washes away. 

SummerSpace Powder Coatings

In addition to water resistant fabric, our retractable awnings come with durable and high quality frames. Our proprietary powder coating finish is one of the many outstanding features that makes SummerSpace awnings the best in the industry. This powder coating not only creates a beautiful and stylish finish but it is made with antimicrobial technology. This means it prevents the growth of mold or mildew that could otherwise form from getting wet due to rainfall. 

We wish you many bright and sunny days this spring to enjoy your patio and use your SummerSpace retractable awning. If you’d like to learn more about our retractable awnings and their water resistant features, contact us! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. To order your SummerSpace retractable awning, contact one of our trusted dealers today!

Are Retractable Awnings Waterproof?

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