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Are Solar Screens Worth It?

July 14, 2022

The quest for a perfect shade solution for your home can feel like searching for a lost treasure. Are solar screens worth it in the first place? The answer is YES! Finding an affordable and effective solar screen doesn’t have to be elusive. X marks the spot with SummerSpace® solar screens. Here are some of the many benefits of having solar screens on your home.

Solar Screens Save You Money

Can installing solar screens actually save you money? Why, absolutely, and in more ways than one! First, SummerSpace solar screens are able to block up to 99% of solar heat transmission. Impressive, right? This means the UV rays are deflected away from your home by the solar screens instead of entering it and making it feel warm. As a result, solar screens can lower your monthly air conditioning bill by up to 60%! In doing so, this also creates less wear and tear on your HVAC system, extending its lifespan. 

In addition, solar screens block the sun from damaging your home interior. UV rays are capable of causing fading and deterioration to your furniture, flooring, and decorations. With solar screens in place, you can prevent this damage and save yourself from having to replace these items sooner.

Solar Screens Make Your Home More Comfortable

At SummerSpace, we believe feeling comfortable and relaxed in your own home is paramount. But, intense sun rays can heat your home to uncomfortable temperatures and create an intolerable glare. Enter: solar screens. Almost immediately after installing solar screens, you will notice the difference in your home. Enjoy cooler interior temperatures and a glare-free home interior. 

Solar Screens are Fuss Free

SummerSpace solar screens are completely hassle free! Unlike curtains, blinds, or drapes, they do not need to be dusted, fluffed, or tied back. Installed to the exterior of your home, solar screens do not require any ongoing maintenance or care. In addition, using your solar screens is easy for anyone. With a simple button push, you can extend or retract your shade screen in a matter of seconds. 

Are Solar Screens Worth It? Get Use for Years to Come with SummerSpace

SummerSpace solar screens are made with premium-grade materials and superior construction, making them durable and long lasting. Both the FlexShade® Solar Screen and Vivista® Window Shade are made with our proprietary SummerShieldTM powder coat frame, which is known for its resilience and antimicrobial properties. Choose between six durable Phifer® 4500 mesh color options. Additionally, the Vivista Drop Screen is available in hundreds of Tempotest® high-performance fabrics. 

Further, SummerSpace solar screens are manufactured in our Maine factory by experienced and talented craftsmen and women who oversee each detail and step of the process to ensure exceptional quality. As a result, we believe in our products. All FlexShade and Vivista models come with a 10-year frame warranty, 10-year fabric warranty, and 5-year motor warranty. Contact our amazing service team with any questions about warranties.

Stop wondering, “Are solar screens worth it?” The treasure hunt is over. Start benefiting from the excellent advantages of SummerSpace solar screens. With our industry-leading turnaround time of only eight days or less, you can be enjoying your solar screens in no time! Contact a dealer near you to customize and order your screen system today.

Are solar screens worth it?

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