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How Can I Add Shade to My Gazebo?

June 7, 2022

The shaded breeze found in a gazebo is the perfect comfort on a summer day. These open air structures are stunning backyard features and rapidly growing in popularity. With a gazebo, you can enjoy dinner from the grill, host an array of friends, or simply watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. However, your outdoor enjoyment can be deterred by a harsh glare or extreme summer heat. Don’t let your outdoor fun get cut short! How can I add shade to my gazebo?! With a FlexShade screen system by SummerShade®, the enjoyment can go on! Here are some of the many reasons to get your FlexShade screen system today.

The Perfect Solutions for Your Gazebo 

Shade, shade, shade! When in the shade, you can experience as much as a 10 to 15 degree temperature difference than in direct sunlight. That much of a temperature change can make a huge difference in your outside enjoyment. This is especially true when the angle of the sun is creating a glare or directly hitting you. With a FlexShade screen, this problem is solved! 

Additionally, Flexshade screen systems can also provide privacy. You can choose from a variety of fabric mesh colors and opacities for more or less privacy, as well. Then, with the Zip XL and Zip Traditional screens, you can also get insect protection. This is because these screens seal to the side of your gazebo preventing any insects from getting in. 

Simple to Use Gazebo Shade Screen

Using your outdoor shade screen is simple! With the push of a button, your screen will descend and provide the solar protection and privacy you desire. Then, when you’re finished using it, push the remote for it to retract. Retracting into the headbox only takes a matter of seconds! At SummerSpace, our shade screens are simple, reliable, and affordable.

Zip or Non-Zip Options for Adding Shade to Your Gazebo

Our FlexShade screens come in three unique options: Zip Traditional, Zip XL, and  Non-Zip. 

The Zip Traditional is complete solar, insect, and privacy protection. It can fit windows and smaller openings that are sometimes found on gazebos. Though the Flexshade Traditional seals to the side of the structure, the breathable mesh fabric still allows air to flow in and out for additional comfort.

The Zip XL has the same amazing features of the Zip Traditional but can fit larger openings. It can accommodate widths up to 25 feet wide. Depending on your gazebo’s design, this may be a great option!

Finally, the Non-Zip shade screen is for spaces where insect protection and wind are not a concern. It still provides excellent sun protection and privacy. Many people love this option as a gazebo shade screen since it allows for convenient passage in and out and ample air flow.

Adding a Flexshade screen system to your gazebo will turn a good outdoor experience into a great one! Give yourself the gift of backyard comfort! Learn more about our Flexshade screen systems and contact our customer service team with any questions. Order your gazebo shade screen today with SummerSpace!

How Can I Add Shade to My Gazebo?

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