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How a Screen System Helps Your In-Home Energy Savings

April 13, 2023

According to Greek mythology, the wings of Icarus melted when he flew too close to the sun. Without some type of protection, intense summer heat can make you feel like you’re melting as well, even when you’re inside. Keeping your home cool during the peak heat months can rack up quite a large energy bill as your HVAC system works overtime. However, with a SummerSpace® screen system, you can experience savings and prevent those gasp-worthy bills. Here are three steps to take this summer to experience significant in-home energy savings with SummerSpace.

Step One: Install a SummerSpace Screen System

The only regret our customers experience after installing a FlexShade® Zip Screen is that they didn’t do it sooner. FlexShade Zip Screens are high-quality, retractable mesh screens. They are durable, extremely effective, and complementary to the look of any home. They are ideal for your windows, deck, porch, and patio area. Easily retract or extend the Zip Screens to regulate solar exposure using remote control or Wi-Fi home automation functions.

Choose from dozens of mesh color, design, and opacity options, six powder coated frame options, and three headbox style options to meet your needs and personal desires. Additionally, our FlexShade screen systems can be custom fit for your space, from small windows or openings to widths up to 25-feet wide and 16-feet tall. 

Installing FlexShade Zip Screens on your windows or outdoor structures is simple and fast. Work with our SummerSpace dealer located in your area to answer any product or design questions and to place your order. Once received, our team works tirelessly from our Central Maine, USA, headquarters to have your custom screen system ready for shipping in a speedy eight days or less. After arriving at your home, your dealer will work with you to arrange installation. In no time at all, you can be enjoying the amazing perks and in-home energy savings of a SummerSpace Screen System.

Step Two: Use Your Screen System to Block Unwanted Solar Heat Transfer 

Non-scientifically speaking, the sun can be h-o-t! When, through radiation, that same solar heat transfers into your home, it can make your home uncomfortably warm, as well as causing other serious problems like UV damage to your home interior and taxing your air conditioning system. 

For the United States and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, solar heat transfer and UV damage are even more significant and prevalent during the summer months when the earth’s seasonal tilt allows for a more direct angle from the sun and its rays. This means that May through August, high energy bills are not just in your head. 

However, FlexShade Zip Screens can impressively block up to 99% of solar heat transmission. Extend the solar shades over your window or outdoor structure, especially from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, the peak UV hours.

Step Three: Save Big on Energy and HVAC Costs

Experience significant savings when using a SummerSpace screen to protect your home from heat transfer and UV damage. In fact, using our Zip Shade Screens can lower your summer air conditioning costs by up to 60%. In addition to energy savings, you will save by preventing UV damage to your flooring, furniture, and home decor. Plus, not working your HVAC system so hard could increase its longevity and efficacy over time. 

Best of all, the energy savings and other benefits of a screen system are not limited to just summer. Reap in-home savings from a SummerSpace Screen System all year long, year after year. To get started, contact a SummerSpace dealer near you today. 

How a Screen System Helps Your In-Home Energy Savings

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