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6 Ways to Lower Home Utility Costs

The last few years have brought unprecedented price changes, product availability, and changes to the economy. From soaring gas prices to pricier grocery trips, nothing seems immune, even energy costs. In fact, according to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2021, “the average nominal retail electricity price paid by U.S. residential electric customers rose at the fastest rate since 2008, increasing 4.3% from 2020.” While higher energy costs may be the new norm, paying more doesn’t have to be. Here are six ways you can lower home utility costs right away.

Reduce Water Use

Sinks, toilets, bathtubs, dishwasher, washing machine, and more all contribute to utility costs. You might not realize how many appliances around your home use water, and lots of it! According to, a single load of laundry uses 25 gallons of water on average, while the typical household uses as much as 64 gallons of water a day! Reduce your water use with simple measures such as shorter showers and turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth. Additionally, be sure to fix any leaking faucets right away. You can also install energy-saving measures, such as an energy-efficient washing machine or a low flow shower head.

Install LED Light Bulbs

Save big on utility costs by switching out all lights to LED bulbs. LED lights are able to use as much as 75% less energy and last much longer than incandescent bulbs.

Use Cold Water When Possible

While most people do not enjoy a chilly shower, there are ways to reduce costs by using cold water. For example, make use of cold water when washing clothes. The energy it takes to heat water can add up quickly and make a significant impact on home utility costs.

Smart Power Outlets and Switches

A simple yet effective way to prevent wasteful energy use is to install smart power outlets and switches in your home. Upgrading to these allows you to turn outlets on or off with an app so you can turn off lights from anywhere. Doing so will also prevent phantom power use, electricity your devices use even when turned off. Upgrade to smart outlets and switches, and you will notice a difference almost immediately.

Keep a Close Eye on the Thermostat

As tempting as it can be to blast arctic air around the clock during the summer, scaling it back even a few degrees can make a significant impact on your utility costs. In the summer, set your thermostat to the highest temperature that you feel comfortable in and that still provides humidity control.

Install Window Shades

Robusta Retractable Window Awnings reports that 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat. Yikes! Stop the heat transfer from sunlight with Robusta® Window Awnings. These awnings are installed above your windows for exceptional solar protection. They use a unique arm-tensioned fabric system that is able to block pesky UV rays from heating your home’s interior. In addition, Robusta Window Awnings are able to block harsh solar glare and add additional privacy to your home. When these benefits are not necessary, you can easily retract the window awnings into its headbox.

Vivista Window Drop Shade

Similarly, the Vivista® Window Drop Shade is installed above your windows and can greatly reduce utility costs. In fact, SummerSpace shade screens have been shown to reduce home energy costs by up to 60%! Choose between Tempotest® high-performance fabric or Phifer® 4500 5% open solar mesh, with both being highly effective shade screens. Vivista Window Drop Shades are fully retractable, as well, with simple remote operation. It can be installed to the wall, soffit, or roof near your window’s exterior.

To learn more about our exceptional shade solutions and how to reduce your home utility costs, contact our customer service team. Order your Robusta Retractable Awning or Vivista Drop Shade from your local SummerSpace dealer today to start saving big on energy costs.

6 Ways to Lower Home Utility Costs

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