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6 Benefits of Solar Shades

Have you been toying with the idea of shade screens for your home? Adding solar shades to your home is an investment you do not want to underestimate or overlook. Solar shades have a long list of amazing benefits for both your home’s interior and exterior as well as your personal comfort. For over 40 years,  SummerSpace® has been redefining outdoor living with the best shade solutions on the market, including shade screens. Find out why our customers are so ecstatic about their shade with these six benefits of solar shades. 

Stop Intrusive Solar Glare

Have you ever been sitting inside but needed your sunglasses? Or perhaps the sun’s glare prevented you from seeing your TV or computer screen properly. Throughout the day, solar glare can be very intrusive and disrupt your tasks, conversations, comfort, and more. Instead, lower your Vivista® Retractable Window Drop Shade at the push of a remote-control button and eliminate this pesky glare. 

Solar glare is not limited to your home’s interior. Stop solar glare with a FlexShade® Solar Screen system for your patio or porch. Both Vivista and FlexShade screens use high-quality Phifer® solar mesh to prevent the sun’s glare from penetrating through and disrupting your enjoyment.

Protect Your Home from UV Damage

In addition to the nuisance of a glare, UV rays can cause significant damage to your home. Lowering shade screens during peak UV hours of the day, 10am to 4pm, can help prevent irreversible harm to your floors, furniture, decor, exposed fabrics, and more. Amazingly, SummerSpace solar shades can block up to 99% of solar UV rays, nearly eliminating all possible harm.

Protect Yourself from UV Damage

Damage from UV rays is not confined to home furnishings. Infact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in five people will develop melanoma in their lifetime. Skin cancer occurrences have been on the rise for decades. One way to stop this frightening trend and protect yourself and your family is by using UV blocking shade screens. When spending time outside on your patio or deck, lower your FlexShade screens to prevent harm to your skin, eyes, hair, and more. 

Lower Home Energy Costs

Everyone likes getting mail… except the kind of mail that tells you how much money you owe. Prevent gasp-worthy monthly electric bills by using solar shades. Lowering Vivista Drop Shades during peak hours each day will significantly reduce solar heat gain into your home and lower your monthly energy use. 

Add Privacy When You’d Like

Your home and your backyard are yours to relax in, feel comfortable in, and be yourself in. But this is hard to do when you have nearby neighbors peeking and peering. Increase privacy in your outdoor space with FlexShade screens. You can vary the amount of privacy you prefer by customizing the mesh opacity, design, and color. Similarly, Vivista window screens provide the same excellent privacy for your home.  

Insect Protection for your Porch

When they say, “the more the merrier,” it most certainly did not include flying friends. Insects are a bother with their buzzing, biting, and unwanted germs. For times when bugs are a concern, lower your FlexShade Zip Screen. Eliminate insect intrusion as this screen seals to the side of your outdoor structure and excludes bugs from the fun.

Shade screens are the gift that keeps on giving with so many incredible perks. To learn more about the benefits of solar shades, or if you have any other questions, contact a SummerSpace dealer near you. Order your SummerSpace shade screen today for maximum protection for your home and family!

6 Benefits of Solar Shades

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