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5 Window Awning Ideas for Your Home in 2023

As the new year draws closer, it may seem that your home is calling for a few upgrades. But before you go down the rabbit hole of full-out renovations, start with some window awning ideas. 

“Why window awnings?” you ask. At SummerSpace®, we boil it down to two important reasons: aesthetics and economics. With all the social and financial challenges swirling around everyone, it makes sense that you would want to revamp your surroundings and save money. Here’s how a window awning can help you do both of those things.

Window Awning Economics

Yes, a quality window awning can enhance your home’s curb appeal. But the financial benefits kick into gear long before you decide to put a For Sale sign in your yard. 

Specifically, a window awning can yield significant in-home energy savings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, well-designed awning shades and retractable solar screens can significantly reduce your home’s solar heat gain by up to 65% for south-facing windows and 77% for west-facing windows during the summer. This, in turn, reduces the demand on your air conditioner, which translates into lower electricity bills.

Retractable Window Awning Ideas 

Now that we’ve covered the financial side of things, let’s talk about window awning design ideas. At SummerSpace, we offer two kinds of window awnings: Robusta window awnings and fixed aluminum awnings. Robusta awnings consist of retractable fabric coverings and offer a lot in the way of impressive features. Here are some ideas.

1. Creative Color Combos

Our Robusta window awnings are made with Tempotest® fabric which includes over 100 colors and patterns. Choose from a wide selection of solid colors, stripes, linen weaves, and textured tweeds to create a customized look that fits your home perfectly. 

For more ideas on creative color combinations, read our blog, How to Choose the Right Color Retractable Awning for Your Home.

2. WeatherGuard™ Option

With an awning as beautiful as yours, you’ll want to protect it from dirt and the elements. A WeatherGuard™ cover helps you do just that. This is an optional feature you can add to your window awning design to help shield the fabric when it’s in the retracted position. This prolongs the life of the awning fabric as well as its motorized parts.

3. High-Tech Features

If you want to go for the ultimate 21st-century wow, sync all your retractable window awnings via our remote-control features. This high-tech capability is sure to turn your neighbors’ heads when they stroll by on a sunny day and witness all your awnings raise in perfect unison.

Fixed Window Awning Ideas 

Standing proudly next to the retractable window awning lineup is our selection of fixed window awnings. As the name suggests, these are rigid awnings that remain fixed in an extended position away from the widow once installed. SummerSpace fixed awnings, made from heavy-duty aluminum, are available in two styles which we’ll cover in the next ideas.

4. Traditional Style Aluminum Window Awnings

With traditional style window awnings, the aluminum creates barriers on three planes (i.e., the front and two sides). These are a popular choice for when you want to shield indoor furnishings from sun exposure. 

5. Casement Style Aluminum Window Awnings

Casement style awnings feature one aluminum plane extended above the window. Its sides remain open with the exception of a rigid frame or bar that holds the canopy in place. This is a good adoption for when you want to reduce the sunlight coming through the window but not eliminate it. 

Window Awnings for 2023 and Beyond

As you’re pondering ways to update your home in an economical way, know that window awnings from SummerSpace possess great money-saving potential as well as design flair. Get in touch with your local independent dealer today, and they’ll help you find a SummerSpace shade solution that will last far beyond 2023.

Medium shot of a window shielded by a brown retractable window awning. Solid colors are one of the popular window awning ideas for 2023.

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