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5 Ways to Tell You Have a Quality Awning

December 14, 2022

It’s easier to spot a sketchy awning than a quality awning from afar. Sketchy awnings are discolored, ripped or dented, and they have that trail of mold blossoming on them. They may have been retractable once upon a time, but between the rainstorms and cold snaps, their hardware rusted and fractured until they look like the zombies of outdoor amenities.

Quality awnings are much rarer, not to mention highly underrated. A retractable awning from SummerSpace, for instance, makes a seamless visual addition to your home that is so much greater than the sum of its parts. You may not know exactly what makes the space so attractive at first, but take the awning away, and you’ll notice the downgrade immediately.

Furthermore, our awnings contribute so much to a space that you can’t measure just by looking. That’s why we’ve taken the time to delve into the primary ways a quality awning makes your space more enjoyable, both aesthetically and otherwise.

Characteristics of a Quality Awning

You can tell the caliber of your awning based on how well it does the following:

  1. Cools the Space Underneath
  2. Lowers Your Electricity Bills
  3. Enhances the Look of Your Home
  4. Reduces Your Maintenance Duties
  5. Stands the Test of Time

1. Cools the Space Underneath 

First and foremost, an awning is a shade solution. Therefore, it should provide ample shelter from the sun’s glare and heat when you want to spend time in the great outdoors. SummerSpace’s retractable awnings have been shown to reduce the temperature of the space underneath by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Moreover, that same covering that blocks the heat also blocks up to 99 percent of solar UV rays. Therefore, you and your guests can enjoy the space with optimal comfort and peace of mind.

2. Lowers Your Electricity Bills

A great awning will really pay dividends for your indoor living as well. When you install a window awning, you limit the amount of sunlight and solar heat entering your home on warm-weather days. This means your air conditioning unit won’t need to work as hard during the hotter months when temperatures rise.

When you reduce the demand on your appliances, the difference will show up on your electricity bills. Lower heat gain means more in-home energy savings for you.

3. Enhances the Look of Your Home

While looks aren’t everything, they’re still important. Your awning should enhance the look of your home, not stick out like a sore thumb. That’s why all SummerSpace retractable awnings come with Italian Tempotest fabric which is available in over 100 colors and patterns.

Whether you prefer bold, solid colors or decorative stripes, we have the color pallet to help you customize your awning’s look. The end result is a stylish, functional focal point that increases your overall enjoyment of the space as well as your home’s curb appeal.

4. Reduces Your Maintenance Duties

Just because your awning looks sophisticated doesn’t mean it should be difficult to take care of. At SummerSpace, we value user friendliness, which is why our retractable awnings typically require only an occasional scrubbing with warm soapy water and light lubrication of the hardware. 

5. Stands the Test of Time

An awning may work well and look fabulous, but if it doesn’t last long, it won’t pass our quality control. The Tempotest fabric with which SummerSpace awnings are made is marine grade. Furthermore, it’s paired with our heavy-duty aluminum frames finished with our proprietary SummerShield™ 2604 aluminum powder coating. This treatment enables our awnings to hold up against 3,000 hours’ worth of salt spray testing.

Your Quality Awning

SummerSpace awnings have been a clear leader in each of the aforementioned categories for over 40 years. Get in touch with your local SummerSpace dealer today. Your knowledgeable dealer can help you customize one of our superior-quality awnings for your home.

Exterior shot of a ranch home with a striped retractable awning extended over the patio. Striped patterns like these are a popular look for a quality awning.

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