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4 Reasons to Invest in Aluminum Door Canopies

October 24, 2022

How many doors on your home’s exterior have nothing hanging above them but the sky? Those are the spots where aluminum door canopies can be a major help to you. Aluminum door canopies are fixed, all-weather coverings that shield outward-facing doors from the elements. 

Why Aluminum Door Canopies?

It doesn’t take long for us to lose count of the times we’ve stood outside our door fumbling for our keys. Often, we do that with groceries in tow. Sometimes with kids. Sometimes with both. 

So how do you deal with that when a torrential downpour occurs? Or when heavy snowfall makes entry difficult? This is where aluminum door canopies come in. They provide enough shelter from pounding precipitation and blazing sunlight that you can cross the threshold a little less frantically.

At SummerSpace®, we’ve seen how a dependable fixed canopy serves homeowners every season of the year. Below, we’ve listed four of our favorite reasons to invest in an aluminum door canopy.

1. Rainstorm Ready

It’s inevitable. At some point, you’ll have to charge through rainy weather to get to where you’re going. The real question is this: Will you have to wield your umbrella faster than you can say “coat and galoshes” to stay dry?

With an aluminum canopy over your door, you are always ready to face a rainstorm. You’ll have a sheltered space where you can take your time opening your umbrella when you leave the house and closing it before you re-enter. 

Furthermore, the built-in front rain gutter means you don’t have to walk through a waterfall of rain to get past the threshold. The runoff is easily diverted away from your path, giving you and your cargo a puddle-free space in front of the door.

2. Strong Under the Snow Load

What happens when the temperatures fall and that rain turns to snow? Unless you want accumulated snowfall barricading your door, put an aluminum canopy on your priority list. 

The framework of a SummerSpace aluminum door canopy withstands normal snow loads. So, if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, there is good news. An aluminum canopy makes it so you can have the lovely snowscape while helping keep it off your stoop where it’s likely to turn into ice underneath your feet.

This is especially useful if the stoop beneath your feet is concrete. Without snow and ice permeating the concrete surface, you’re less likely to see hazardous cracks and chips in it when spring rolls around.

3. Rust Free

Right now, you may be thinking this: “Aluminum… It’s metal. Rain and snow… Those are water. If we’re talking about metal interacting with water, how worried should I be about rust forming down the road?” 

The answer is not at all. SummerSpace aluminum door canopies are specially designed to be rust resistant. Therefore, you can rest assured that as all the rain, snow, and sleet fall into your environment, your canopy won’t deteriorate or corrode.

4. Customizable 

Any canopy you put on your home should look as well as it functions. That’s why SummerSpace aluminum canopies come in 13 different stunning colors. Warm tones, cool tones, or neutrals can set the stage for the perfect adornment to your home. They’re all in the running for a design that compliments your home’s existing color pallet. 

The size of your canopy is customizable as well. Whether you’re trying to cover a modest backdoor or a wide set of sliding doors, you have the freedom to choose the width and extension length, so your space is adequately covered.

Fixed Canopies for Any Weather

What’s better than knowing that aluminum canopy solutions are available for your doors? Knowing that the same solutions exist for your windows as well! Get in touch with your local SummerSpace dealer today, and they’ll introduce you to customizable aluminum coverings for all seasons. 

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